League of Legends Betting With PayPal 2022

With millions of players around the world, league of legends is seen as one of the most popular esports in the world right now. Dozens of tournaments are held around the planet to celebrate professional League of Legends players and in these tournaments, lots of prizes and tickets get sold out like hotcakes because of its huge fan base.

Most bookmakers have League of Legends because it’s highly patronized by esports bettors. However, before we go into the different bookmakers available for League of Legends betting, let’s discuss how this esport game is played.

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How to Play League of Legends

League of Legends is perfect for competitive play because of its pace and well-organized multiplayer option often called Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). LOL’s multiplayer option is available for all kinds of players, buddies, professionals, amateurs, and so on. It can also accommodate more than 5 players at a go.

One unique thing about LOL’s is that it tends to blend the gameplay of a variety of genres, role-playing games (RPG), real-time strategy (RTS), together to create the best experience for its players. LOL’s players are regarded as unseen commanders with third-person isometric perspective on a battlefield. The players get to pick and control a champion from over 130 champions with unique abilities, combos, and styles of play.

You can also train your champions by exposing them to new strategies and tactics. Training increases your champions’ chances of survival when they are faced with enemies in the pit.

A typical LOL match starts with ten players and two teams. Each of the teams positioned at opposing ends of a map (Summoner’s Rift), is entitled to five players. The Summoner’s Rift is the only map in League of Legends.

The map has a starting area called the spawning pool. This pool houses the Nexus and because the Nexus is a very important component of the spawning pool, it stores in its heart. Your team gets to win a round if you’re able to destroy the other team’s Nexus. The Nexus of each team is heavily guarded by defensive structures and obstacles like turrets, minions, so it’s not easy to destroy a team’s Nexus except of course if you use the right tactics and champion. What are the champions available on League of Legends?

League of Legends Champions and Class Types Available

Just as discussed earlier, League of Legends has over 130 champion characters. This number of characters available in this esport can make LOL a bit overwhelming for new players. Every one of the champions available on LOL has unique features, abilities, and play styles. This variation makes it difficult to classify all of them under a particular type.

To make the selection of champions easier for users, LOL’s developer, Riot Games came up with six different categories for all champions available on LOL. These categories include;

  • Assassin
  • Mage
  • Fighter
  • Tank
  • Marksmen
  • Support


Assassins are agile champions, one of the strong constituents in a team. Its primary role is to take down opponents' enemies as swiftly as possible. Assassins specialize in fast damages and they accomplish this using melee-centric weapons and tactics. Opponent champions with low health levels are often attacked using assassins because of reduced mobility.

Assassins are good at attack but bad at defenses and this is because the defense doesn't give them enough opportunity to offset their high-speed feature. Some examples of champions in this class that you can come across in League of Legends include Ahri, Zed, Shen, and Twitch.


A mage is a magic welding hero in Leagues of Legend. A mage specializes in developing support skills and casting spells that weaken opponents quickly and buff its user with a diverse range of advantages. With a mage’s AoE (Area of Effect) spell, it can hurt several enemies at once. If you decide to focus on just one enemy using a mage, you can utilize its DPS (Damage Per Second) spell. This spell helps increase the rate of damage that your opponents suffer.

Although mages have reduced mobility, low health levels, and long spell casting time, they are still useful in a team. Some examples of champions in this class include Swain, Karthus, Galio, Anivia, and Lulu.


A fighter is often regarded as a jack-of-all-trades champion and this is primarily because of its versatility. A fighter specializes in being a tank, with very good damage output and a decent health pool. They make use of melee weapons to confront their enemies. Examples of fighters in League of Legends include Jax, Lee Sin, Irelia, and Wukong.


Marksmen in LOL specialize in preventing damages from a distance. These champions are usually sustained to weaken the opponent’s damage effect as the game progresses. Most marksmen have high DPS (Damage Per Second) and this negatively affects their lethality. Marksmen are best used to confront neutral enemies like dragons, turrets, and barons. Examples of champions in this category include Kindred, Varus, Caitlyn, and Tristana.


Tanks are one of the toughest heroes one could have in a team. These heroes specialize in keeping enemies at bay and controlling the crowd. They have a very good health pool, a great endurance range, and the ability to resist range for a long period. Tanks, however, don’t cause much damage to enemies. Some examples of these heroes include Garen, Leona, Malphite, Dr. Mundo, and Amumu.


A support champion just as the name implies offers support to other team members. The support is carried out by granting them healing abilities or incapacitating opponents’ champions with debilitating effects. Support heroes also help in scouting for undisclosed parts of the Summoner’s Rift. Some support champions available in LOL include Leona, Morgana, Taric, Maoki, and Janna.

Having discussed the basics of League of Legends, let’s now discuss how one can successfully place bets on this esport.

Betting on League of Legends 

As clearly stated earlier in this article, League of Legends is a very popular video game in the world of esports. With this, one could easily tell that betting on this esport is very much available. Several bookmakers offer League of Legends betting to their users because of the huge returns they realize from the esport.

It’s expected for you to have a basic knowledge of League of Legends before placing wagers on the esport. You could accomplish this by reading or watching people play the game online. Placing wagers blindly can make you suffer a huge amount of loss in this esport betting.

Before you get started with betting in League of Legends, professionals recommend that you read up guides online or check for betting strategies, so you can earn huge from your wagers and also have a fun experience. Now, let’s assume you’re now familiar with the basics of League of Legends betting, what are the best esports betting sites you can work with that will assure you outstanding bonuses, safety, swift withdrawal, and deposit methods, and superb odds.

Best League of Legends Betting Sites Online 

LOL is available on several betting platforms online. It’s rare to check through a random sportsbook online that has esports betting and not find options for placing a wager on League of Legends. However, the number of betting markets, odds range, bonus offers, for League of Legends vary with different sportsbooks. It’s your duty as a punter to look out for the best esports betting site to work with. The online bookmaker to work with solely depends on your location because many countries have different sports betting regulations.

Carrying out esport betting in a country that prohibits it could land you into lots of trouble so you should check out the license and regulations of online bookmakers before registering with them. To help you out with choosing an esports betting site, here’s a list of the top ten online bookmakers that offer League of Legends betting services at their best.

  • 22Bet
  • BUFF.bet
  • 888sport
  • Betfair
  • Unibet
  • Betway Esports
  • Bet365
  • Arcanebet
  • Pinnacle

These League of Legends betting sites will allow you to have a fun betting experience on both your mobile devices and PCs.

Having discussed the best betting sites for wagering on League of Legends, let’s now go through different payment options available on online bookmakers for wagering on League of Legends.

Different Payment Options at League of Legends Betting Sites

League of Legends betting sites have several payment options. Some of these payment options include:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Web wallets
  • Payment processors
  • Bank transfer
  • Bitcoin payments

However, the type of payment option you will use will be dependent on your location, where you’re based in the world. For instance, esport bettors in the United Kingdom and bettors in Australia will not be able to carry out payments using the options above. They can only carry out deposits and other payment activities using PayPal.

PayPal is a popular payment option in esports betting as it's accepted by most esports betting sites available online. What does using PayPal entail in esports betting? Let’s find out.

League of Legends Betting with PayPal

Not all esports betting sites accept PayPal as a payment option and this is primarily because of a country’s regulation or the betting site’s regulation itself. Well, all betting sites mentioned earlier in this article accept PayPal as a payment option on their betting platforms.

Why is PayPal not accepted by all Esports betting platforms?

Well, being a company with an international footprint for years, PayPal has had lots of restrictions levied at gaming. These restrictions which lasted for a while made it lose some betting platforms. Although PayPal is picking up now not all Esports betting platforms have accepted it and the company itself has to struggle for market shares against different wallet solutions, which also have been advancing over time.

PayPal is striving and improving every day, most online bookmakers notice these improvements and are looking to accept the company as a payment option on their platforms. In fact, you can now carry out League of Legends esports betting with PayPal deposit.

As an Esports bettor, you should also get familiar with some of the benefits and disbenefits of using PayPal for making payments in League of Legends betting.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Using PayPal in League of Legends Betting

Now that we have the basic knowledge of what PayPal entails, let’s consider some of its benefits and disbenefits. For starters, let’s start with the benefits:

  • Maximum security is assured as your details wouldn’t be shared with the online bookmaker
  • Expedient transaction is guaranteed
  • 24/7 reliable tech support is available
  • Welcome bonuses for new PayPal users are also available

With these benefits, you will hardly go wrong choosing PayPal as your way of settling your transactions at an online bookmaker.

However, there are still a few things to keep your eyes peeled for as an esport bettor using PayPal:

  • There are extra fees to be paid
  • Not all bookies you register with accept PayPal
  • The security verification is time-consuming

You need not worry about these disadvantages, it’s a marathon, always remember to pick the right bookie and you’ll face fewer constraints.

Asides from picking the right bookie for League of Legends betting, you should also make sure to pick the right bet type in the esport. Let’s take a walk through the different League of Legends bet types available.

 League of Legends Bet Types

Technically all Esports betting sites online offer betting markets on League of Legends. Most of the markets are straight forward while others are a bit more specific to the game so they need more explanation.

Here are details of different betting markets you will find on League of Legends esports:

Match Winner

For the “Match Winner” market, you’re betting on the final result of the League of Legends tournament - what team wins the round, that is, destroys his opponent’s Nexus. Not all bookies make use of this terminology for this kind of market but it’s common.

The odds for this kind of market vary with each teams’ skillsets or it could be based on win/loss records of both teams.

First Dragon

For this betting market, you’re placing a wager on the team that kills the first dragon. Dragon is a computer-controlled neutral enemy In League of Legends. Both teams are allowed to kill the dragon for several bonuses but this will be at the cost of leaving their territory undefended.

First Tower

Similar to the “First Dragon” betting market, the “First Tower” betting market also means placing a wager on the team that eliminates the first tower. On the map, we have towers that are used to mark out territories, a team’s tower can be destroyed by its opponent for gold, experience, super minions, and other benefits.


In League of Legends, handicap betting means betting on whether a team with either the handicap benefit or disadvantage will win the match without dropping the Summoner’s Rift.

Outright Winner

Picking the “Outright Winner” betting market in League of Legends means placing a wager on the overall winner of a LOL tournament. Note that this betting market is quite different from the “Match Winner” market because it deals with the entire tournament.


Comparing League of Legends back ten years back to LOL now might be confusing because LOL has improved a lot over time. From a small project to one of the biggest Esports games on the planet. LOL has had a hectic journey but in the long run, it’s worth it!

League of Legends PayPal FAQs

❓ Is placing wagers on LoL Online legal?

The legality of leagues of legend isn’t certain as it varies with countries and online bookmakers. Some countries don’t permit Esports betting while some bookmakers don’t have licenses for League of Legends betting. 

💲 Should I use PayPal to make payments for LoL betting?

Yes. Although not all bookmakers accept PayPal as a payment option on their platforms, if you work with a platform that embraces PayPal, it’s okay to use the payment option for League of Legends.

🎮 Where can I find the best esports betting sites for LoL?

Finding the best esports betting sites to work with can be tasking. However, the initial surge of incompetent bookies is in a downward spiral, so the probabilities of you getting a good bookmaker these days is higher, all you need do is gist the right Esports betting platforms listing sites and make your choice.

🔐 Are all esports betting sites safe?

No. Even though there are adequate security measures taken to get rid of these scam websites, they still find their way on the internet. To avoid being scammed, check out for licenses before registering on an Esports betting platform.

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