Check Out the Best Esports Betting Sites with Neteller 2021

The Best and Most Secure Online Payment Method

Welcome to Neteller! As one of the leading e-money transfer services in the online gambling world, Neteller accounts for most transactions between individuals and online gambling platforms. Having quickly gained the reputation of being a trustworthy service, Neteller has customers from all over the world.

Currently, the online bookmaker with Neteller offers their most loyal customers with VIP programs that reimburse clients after making transactions through Neteller. For more information about Neteller’s options and specifics, please consult the FAQ at the bottom of the article.

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Paying With Neteller:

No need to be intimidated! Transactions with Neteller are basically the same as with other e-wallets that you may be more familiar with. First, you will obviously be required to create your own Neteller account (which is totally free!). Confused? Don’t be, it’s as easy as following these 5 simple steps:

  1. Visit Neteller’s website and click the “Join for Free” button
  2. Provide your name, email address and create a unique, secure password
  3. Select the country you live in, and then choose a currency
  4. Link your mobile phone number to the account (for security reasons)
  5. Accept Neteller’s terms and conditions

... And voilà! You now have a valid Neteller account!

Once your account has been created, all you need to do is make your first deposit and then you’re ready to start gambling. And if you’d like to know about alternative payment options, keep reading.

A short history of Neteller

Neteller was created just before the turn of the millennium in 1999, and was first thought of as a way to create a simple, efficient e-money service. Originally established in and operated out of Canada, Neteller then relocated to the Isle of Man 5 years later, due to all the legal and financial benefits such a move created.

THen six years ago, Neteller was acquired by what is currently known as the “Paysafe Group” and under its new status, Neteller is not officially recognized as a bank. This means you cannot lend anyone any money from your e-wallet… but that’s just because they want  your funds to always be kept as safe as possible, in a separate trust account. This also translates into Neteller constantly maintaining a sufficient liquidity reserve, should they ever need to pay back all their customers, in the unlikely event of a large-scale financial meltdown that crashes the stock markets and freezes global trade.

Esports betting sites with Neteller have long been established in the Neteller online gambling industry and, as of today, many Neteller providers throughout the world give customers a convenient, online payment service. This is only possible because of Neteller’s commitment to excellence, and the resolve this company has shown in providing its users with robust ways of depositing and withdrawing their currencies, in an ever evolving digital landscape.

Nowadays the majority of gambling website accept Netelleras a payment option, which is understandable, considering that this same “Paysafe Group'' has truly started dominating the online payment market as of late, and has bought-out their competition (like Ecopayz and Revolut) which admittedly doesn’t really matter that much, if you’re still kicking it old-school with credit cards... Only now, they’re able to invest more heavily in innovative methods of advertisements and content acquisition. Needless to say, we’re all pretty impatient to see what Neteller will be creating for us in the future.

Average Deposit And Payout time, when using Neteller:

Neteller prides itself on allowing instant deposits when using their gambling account, which means no more delays or wasted time! Now that’s what I call useful. Just imagine if you’re sitting on your couch one afternoon and suddenly see an in-game bet that’s way too good to pass up? With this new method of secure transactions, you’ll never miss out due to prolonged waiting times.

The withdrawal system also promotes rapid fund withdrawal and, although, you can’t pull your money out immediately, that’s only because Esports betting sites with Neteller have recently started implementing new security processes across all of their gambling platforms. Under this system, it can sometimes take up to 5 work-days for withdrawals to clear... but on average, it takes about 3 working days for any cash to be credited back to your Neteller account.

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Verification Requirements for Neteller’s services

Just like most of the other major online payment companies that get subjected to regulatory requirements, you’ll need to verify your account before using it. This just means that you have to show Neteller a valid identification document, which can include a passport, standard ID or driver’s license. Providing Neteller with a scanned copy is perfectly acceptable and, when submitted with a (recent!) proof of address, your account will be verified in no time.

This process has been as streamlined as possible, which means that you actually can send all your documents via your online bookmaker, with Neteller’s account. Sometimes your account will get verified within minutes, sometimes within hours... but overall you won’t be waiting any longer than a single business day. And once verified, you’ll be able to deposit and withdraw as much or as little as you desire, to your very own Neteller wallet.

Neteller compared to Other Providers

Neteller, much like Trustly and PayPal, allows you to make deposits instantly, from all across the globe. Once your account is linked to your betting account and you get access to Wi-Fi, you’ll have no issues with placing currency into your account. All you’ll really need to do is confirm whatever deposits you make, and the betting account is immediately  credited.

Responsive, modern and operating with a recently-upgraded, SSL online platform, Neteller distributes all sensitive data across encrypted, secure servers, so you’ll never have to worry about someone accessing your private information, personal details or heaven forbid, your actual funds... But to enjoy these protections, it’s important to secure your Neteller account as soon as it’s created, in order to limit all intrusions or unwanted access.

Despite its positives, there are two drawbacks when using Neteller. The first “problem” that arises, is when platforms accept Neteller, but exclude clients from accessing the relevant “Welcome Bonus” that an Neteller bookmaker offers to new customers. Unfortunately, this means that if you make a qualifying deposit using Neteller, you will not be able to claim the welcome bonus. Luckily, not all Neteller partners do this... but it’s common enough, so keep an eye out for this.

Secondly. Neteller deposit and withdrawal fees sometimes turn out to be higher than those of Skrill or Klarna, because Neteller accounts make a 2.5% profit, off of the total deposited amount. As for the Withdrawal fees, they may vary depending on where you geographically access your funds.

There are so many different ways of paying online, that it’s sometimes hard to know which one to choose. That’s where Neteller steps in! While some are more popular than others, they all have specific advantages that can help you win big and dominate the odds! There are options for every type of client, ranging from prepaid cards to the latest electronic wallets.

At Neteller, only payment methods that have proven themselves to be reliable, fast and secure are accepted. In case you have more questions about Neteller specifics, keep reading to discover the payment method that suits you best and see which trustworthy online options which will guarantee that all of your cash gets protected, all of the time.

Key Neteller questions answered in detail

Q1. Is Neteller the best at what it does?

When it comes to online betting, Neteller is second to none. And even though there are more and more available online- options that seem to pop up every day, it’s important to remember that Neteller services will never waiver in their desire to provide you with top-tier service: They guarantee that, regardless of the gambling site you use, your payments will be processed and protected to the highest standards in the industry.

Q2. Do I need to confirm every Neteller deposit?

Once you have chosen how much of an amount you wish to deposit into your Neteller account, it is indeed necessary to confirm the transaction before it appears as credit in your wallet. You can do this confirmation by following the instructions and under the “Payments” section on your betting account.

If you have chosen to implement a two-step authentication process, which is highly-recommended, then you will need to add an extra step of verification at this point as well. During the process, you may receive an email, phone call or SMS phone text with a code.... then simply type copy and paste what was sent to you, and your deposit will be accepted.

Q3. What is the best way to place funds into my Neteller account?

There isn’t really a better way than others to put money in your wallet, because the funds that get deposited in your Neteller account can come from a vast number of different sources. In fact, you can find more than 50 different online-options to pay from, so your convenience is all that really matters!.

The only thing to keep in mind is that each and every deposit option, when dealing with Neteller, is subjected to the same 2.5% administrative fee. Unfortunately, there’s no point looking for loopholes because this is a locked-in cost that is necessary for Neteller to recognize your transfers as legitimate, when placing money into the account.

Q4. What is the waiting time when depositing funds into Neteller?

Once your Neteller account has been funded, you’ll be able to use it as an e-wallet, which means that you’ll be able to fund all your betting accounts via theNeteller account. Deposits made to Neteller will clear virtually instantly. If your gambling account has not been credited after a few hours, you can contact a Neteller representative, simply by logging in and using the live chat function  to rectify any troubling issues

Q5. What documents must I produce, to verify my new Neteller account?

As previously mentioned, all you need to do is show an identification document and proof of residence, that must be less than 3 months old (to avoid any chances of fraud or stolen identity). Once you submit these two documents, your account will be activated and allow you to jump right into the fantastic world of online betting.

Just remember that you’ll probably need to provide whatever gambling operator you’ve chosen with other documents as well (especially in online casinos), because simply linking your Neteller account to these websites will not be enough to verify your identity every time... but for the most part, the documents that Neteller demand tend to overlap with what is expected elsewhere.


Boasting powerful customer-support systems and elite payments platforms, Esports betting sites with Neteller offer some of the best internet gambling you can experience. You can always count on Neteller to feature the most robust, intuitive payment plans and online tools, along with excellent security that prohibits any malicious, third-party entities from corrupting or accessing your confidential information and personal funds.

No matter the sport, having an online bookmaker with Neteller puts you head and shoulders above all the other bettors. What are you waiting for? Admittedly, Neteller fees aren’t the lowest in the game right now... but as they often say: “You get what you pay for” and Neteller provides some of the best service around.

Esports betting sites with Neteller provide customers with diverse, safe and fun ways of depositing into (and withdrawing their funds from) Neteller accounts, and offer access to many different transaction methods, across most large gambling channels. If you’re still unsure if Neteller is for you, there’s only one way to find out!

… And don’t forget to check out some of the other, low-cost deposit options that Neteller is able to accept, especially if you prefer to use prepaid cards or other limited-payment choices, as a savvy way to limit your online spending and avoid getting caught up in the heat of the moment!

Neteller  FAQ

Is Neteller the best at what it does?

Neteller is one of the main leaders in online gambling payment services. They guarantee that, regardless of the betting you partake in or the website you use, your payments through their channels will be processed and protected to the highest standards in the industry.

Do I need to confirm every Neteller deposit?

It is indeed necessary to confirm the deposit before it appears on your account. You can do this by confirming the transaction under the “Payments” section on your betting account. You may receive a code by email or mobile phone text,that will then allow your money to be wired.

What is the best way to place funds into my Neteller account?

The funds that get deposited in your Neteller account can come from a wide variety of sources, with over 50 different options at your disposal. Neteller charges a 2.5% administrative fee, when placing money into your Neteller account.

What is the waiting time when depositing funds into Neteller?

Once your Neteller account has been funded,  deposits will clear almost instantly. If your gambling account has not been credited after a few hours, you can always sort things out by contacting a Neteller representative, by logging into your account and using the live chat function to rectify any troubling issues.

What documents must I produce, to verify my new Neteller account?

All you need to do is show an identification document and proof of residence (less than 3 months old) Once you submit these two documents, your account will be activated. You may be required to provide additional documents to some of our gambling partners (online casinos, for example).

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