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Ring the Bell! Best UFC Odds 2024

UFC Betting Odds Comparison

Last Updated on 19/03/2024
Fact checked by: James Leeland

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has steadily grown to become one of the most popular sports globally. With this growth comes an increased appetite for UFC betting. But how do you find the best UFC betting odds?

Comparing UFC betting odds can be arduous. However, there are compelling reasons why it’s worth it. After all, it’s a no-brainer to know that odds on UFC determine your returns. So, to help you find the best UFC odds today, here is our comprehensive guide to the very best UFC odds.

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Why it’s Important to Compare UFC Betting Odds

Sportsbooks don’t always offer similar odds on the same UFC fights. You should therefore compare UFC betting odds from various bookies to maximize your expected profits. Take a look at a UFC fight with a fighter priced at 2.6 at one bookmaker and 3.0 at a different one.

Placing a bet with the latter can significantly increase your winnings. Besides, no two bookmakers are the same. You might find two operators offering the same odds on a fight, but with one allowing cash out during the fight. So, be on the lookout for attractive packages. If you are ignorant, you may not understand the winning potential of your bet.

By comparing UFC betting odds, you can make informed betting decisions and make more money. Comparing eSport betting odds can also raise your profits. You will always know whether a bet is worth it or not.

Online vs. Offline: UFC Betting Odds Comparison

You can place a UFC bet online or at the traditional brick-and-mortar sportsbooks.  However, betting via online platforms is far more convenient. Driving to a local sportsbook is time-consuming. Besides, you might not get a chance to compare UFC fight betting odds at different gambling sites and consequently miss out on the best UFC odds.

Offline bookies can force you to bet even before you have thoroughly analyzed the fighters. However, in online betting, you’ll have all the data you need to make optimistic bets just with little research. This allows you to wager on your favorite fighter with all the information you need.

Online betting sites allow you to bet on the go. If you want to place a bet while relaxing at the beach or the comfort of your sofa, no one will hinder you. You also have access to numerous features, including live streaming, 24/7 customer support, mobile app, and more.

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A Brief History of UFC 

The first UFC competition was a contest between competitors of different martial arts. The goal was to find the best martial art. Although it was supposed to be a one-time event, the organizers lined up more competitions because the pay-per-view subscriptions were impressive.

When it began, UFC was seen as a violent sport. It led to political pressure to make it safe. As a result, it led to reforms such as the introduction of weight divisions and fighting gloves.

In the early 2000s, the Ultimate Fighter Series reality TV show helped propel the growth of UFC further. UFC now has regular pay-per-view fights that ensure you never run out of bets.  These bouts attract big audiences, just like boxing fights.

How Odds Work in UFC

If you’re looking to wager on UFC, you must understand how UFC odds today work. Otherwise, you can easily place erroneous bets. So, how do UFC betting odds work? UFC odds represent possibilities. Operators provide short odds if an outcome is likely. In reverse, they provide long odds if a result is unlikely.

Bookmakers use different types of odds. Knowing all these types is essential when looking for the best UFC betting odds. Below, we explain the different types of odds you can find at a UFC betting site.


Decimal odds are also called “European odds”. They are simple to understand, making them a favorite for bookies and punters alike. In decimal odds, your payout equals your stake multiplied by the odds. Here is a simple formula to use:

Your Stake x Odds = Returns

Say a fighter’s odds to win a fight is 1.75. If you staked $100, your potential return on the bet would be $175.  It is vital to understand decimal odds because they are used in various sports, including basketball betting odds.

Fractional Odds

UFC odds can also be in fractions format. The denominator represents your stake, while the numerator represents the amount your bet will yield. Fractional odds tell you how much to expect to win in relation to your stake. A fractional number such as 9/1 indicates the player has a nine to one chance of winning.

So if you bet $1 on a player to win a fight at odds of 9/1, you’ll win $9. You will also get back your stake.

American Odds

American odds, aka Moneyline odds, are commonly used in North America. These odds are displayed as positive or negative values, such as + 200 or - 300.  A positive value such as +400 indicates you’ll win $400 for every $100 stake. On the other hand,  a negative value such as -150 shows you’ll win $100 for every $100 stake.

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How Sportsbooks Calculate UFC Odds

As a bettor, your concern is finding the best odds. However, for bookmakers, it could be the difference between going bankrupt and making a profit. Just like when calculating the best boxing odds, bookmakers consider certain factors when calculating UFC odds. These factors include:

  • The weight of the fighter
  • The height of the fighter
  • Past injury record
  • Recent form
  • The fighter’s record and reach
  • Public view
  • And more!

Operators combine these factors and let algorithms set their UFC fight betting odds.

UFC Odds Betting Strategies

The best way to lose money as a bettor is to have no betting strategy. A betting strategy is a structured approach to betting that aims to maximize earnings and reduce losses. Which UFC betting strategy is the best? We tried several UFC betting strategies and have listed them here for you.

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting means placing bets in all the possible outcomes of an event to guarantee a profit regardless of the outcome. Because arbitrage betting guarantees you a profit, they are sometimes referred to as sure bets or miracle bets. However, arbitrage betting requires a thorough comparison of UFC fight betting odds.

Although you can make some profits by arbing, bookmakers discourage this strategy. Most will put restrictions on your account or even close your account once you get discovered.  We recommend using multiple gambling accounts.

Matched Betting

Matched betting is a betting strategy that guarantees you profit from bonuses and promotions offered by bookies. It involves betting on all markets offered by the bookie using free bets. It is called matched betting because you are matching your bookie’s bet with an opposite bet.

In matched betting, you can place a bet for a fighter on one bookie using the free bets then bet for the fighter to lose on another bookie using real money. Although this strategy has low returns, it eliminates the risk.

Matched betting has some challenges, though. Bookies place complex terms and conditions on free bets. Still, you need to take advantage of matched betting opportunities. Whenever you receive a free bet, place an alternative matched bet. It could be your lucky day.

UFC betting markets are similar to boxing markets.  You need to know them before placing any wagers. Let’s now take a look at some of the UFC betting markets.

Fight Winner: Money line Betting

As you can guess, this refers to betting on the winner of the bout. Because there are two fighters,  there are typically two potential markets.

Method of Victory Betting

Most operators allow you to bet how the fight will end and which player is going to win. The options include:

  1. Knockout: Knockouts happen when a fighter is hit by the opponent rendering them unable to finish the fight. In doing so, the fighter has lost by knockout.
  1. Technical Knockout: In a technical knockout, it’s not the player who stops the fight. The fight can be stopped by:
  • The referee
  • The cornerman
  • The doctor

Disqualification (DQ):

Like any other sport, UFC has rules that all players must follow. If fighters break these rules, they can get disqualified. Fighters can get disqualified for:

  • Headbutting
  • Biting
  • Spitting
  • Hair pulling
  • Fish hooking
  • Holding on to the fence

Submission: Most UFC fights nowadays end in submission. Players declare submission when they are overwhelmed and can’t continue the fight.

Total round betting: As is the case in boxing, you can also bet on the number of round markets. You can bet on the round you think your favorite fighter will win the match or on the number of rounds you think the fight will last.

UFC Weight Classes

UFC is a relatively new sport. As such, most sports betting fans do not understand how it works. In this section, we’re going to explain the different UFC weight divisions. Weight is a natural advantage in a fight. So, weight divisions aim to equalize the playing field so that no athlete has an advantage over the other. It also ensures there are more title fights. More title fights mean more revenue through PPV.

It is mandatory for fighters to be in the same weight category. Players must thus complete a weigh-in a day before the fight. Although not common, fighters must not weigh below the stated minimum weight. If a fighter weighs more than their opponent, the opponent can decide whether to proceed with the fight or not. If they agree to fight, then they will receive 20% of the prize money.

Currently, there are 12 weight classes: 8 mens, 4 womens. Here is a list of all the UFC weight categories:

Mens Weight

Here are the men’s weight classes.

Flyweight (115lbs/52.2 kg - 125lbs/56.7kg)

Bantamweight (125lbs/56.7 kg - 135lbs/61.2kg)

Featherweight (135lbs/61.2 kg - 145lbs/65.8kg)

Lightweight (145lbs/65.8 kg - 155lbs/70.3kg)

Welterweight (155lbs/70.3 kg - 170lbs/77.1kg)

Middleweight (170lbs/77.1 kg -  185lbs/83.9kg)

Light Heavyweight (185lbs/83.9 kg - 205lbs/93.0kg)

Heavyweight (205lbs/93.0 kg - 265lbs/120.2kg)

Womens Weight

Here are the women’s weight categories:

Strawweight: (- 115lb/52.2kg)

Flyweight:( 115lbs/52.2kg - 125lbs/56.7kg)

Bantamweight:( 124lbs/56.7kg - 135lbs/61.2kg)

Featherweight:( 135lbs/61.2kg - 145lbs/65.8kg)

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Top 5 UFC Betting Sites for US Players

UFC betting continues to gain momentum in the US. Now, we have a myriad of gambling companies offering betting options on the sport. With the abundance of these sites, you might be wondering what the best site for UFC betting is. You are not alone. Every punter wants to place bets on UFC bouts using the best bookie. Well, in this section, we list the top 5 UFC betting sites in the US.

betMGM - The Best US UFC Betting Site

betMGM is by far the largest betting site in the US. This sports betting giant started its operations in 2011. betMGM is your go-to UFC gambling site. They post UFC odds early and have a fantastic welcome bonus.

On signing up, betMGM will reward you with a 50% up to $250  welcome bonus with a magnanimous 5x wagering requirement. This is the best wagering requirement you will ever find on a UFC gambling site. Besides, they have a lot of choices when it comes to UFC betting markets.

Let’s look at more reasons to sign up at betMGM.

UFC live betting is fast and reliable.

There are numerous UFC prepositions and futures

Lots of promotions and bonuses for UFC events.

Caesars - Plenty of Betting Markets

Caesars offers a perfect selection for UFC betting. Their comprehensive betting markets coverage includes round betting, method of victory, and over/under. If you prefer depositing in cryptocurrencies, you can receive an enticing 100% match bonus of up to $7000. 

So, why is  Caesars one of the best UFC betting sites in the US? Here is why:

A generous $5000 betting limit

A fair amount of depositing and withdrawing methods

Competitive UFC betting odds and a plethora of betting markets

Fanduel - Huge Sign-Up Bonus to Bet on UFC Fights

Fanduel offers everything when it comes to UFC betting markets. On sign-up, you can redeem a 50% up to $1000 welcome bonus when you make your first deposit. Besides, they have a vast selection of props and large betting markets. Their 10x wagering requirement is below the standard rollover offered in other UFC sportsbooks.

On top of that Fanduel is one of the best UFC betting sites in the US because of the following reasons.

Lots of UFC contests

Massive promotions

UFC odds boost

Draftkings - Massive Promos and Bonuses for Big UFC Events

Most UFC punters turn to Draftkings because of its competitive UFC odds. Besides, the massive promos and bonuses that include a 50% up to $1000 welcome bonus excite new bettors more. We included Draftkings on our list because of the following additional reasons.

Free $25 for UFC live betting

Massive UFC betting limits

Elite live betting software - Large UFC Betting Limits

Sportsbetting has become the premier option for most UFC bettors in the US. You can receive a 50% up to $1000 welcome bonus that comes with a 10x wagering requirement on sign-up. In addition to the welcome bonus, they offer an assortment of UFC betting options. In addition to these, we’ve listed below more advantages of signing up at

Free $25 for UFC live betting.

Large UFC betting limits.

Lots of live UFC proposition bets.

Top 5 UFC Betting Sites for UK Players

UFC is a popular choice for sports betting enthusiasts in the UK. So, if you enjoy UFC betting, you need to know the best sites to wager on. Luckily, we researched and compiled for you the top 5 UFC betting sites in the UK.

Bet365 - More Betting Options for Each Fight

Bet365 offers a wide assortment of odds on UFC fights. They guarantee you better returns since they offer highly competitive odds. You can also find plenty of other sports, including F1 Betting odds. On sign-up, you can receive up to Є100 in bet credits. Other reasons to sign up at Bet365 include:

  • Bet365 has the biggest sign-up bonus
  • The finest mobile app when compared to others
  • A wide range of depositing and withdrawing methods
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Paddy Power - Fight By Fight Offers

Paddy Power has everything you need. The competitive odds on most UFC fights and live betting will keep you entertained. You will be amazed by the plenty UFC offers and promotions available on the platform throughout. Below, we highlight more reasons why PaddyPower is one of the best UFC fighting bookies.

  • Є10 risk-free bet
  • Bet in-play
  • Easy to use site

Coral - Bet Є5 Get Є20

Coral is an all-inclusive sportsbook that offers some of the best UFC odds today. You can place UFC bets on a variety of markets including, method of victory, number of rounds, over/under, and more. When you sign up and place a Є5 bet, you get Є20 in free bets. Besides, we included Coral in our list because:

Both pre-match and In-play Betting on UFC is available

Its mobile app has a nice design and is user-friendly

There are lots of promotions compared to those offered by average bookies.

Betfair - Reliable Offers and Prices

Betfair is mainly known for providing competitive odds and great offers.  When it comes to UFC betting, Betfair has some of the most varied options for betting. These markets include double chance, duration of the fight, and more. Betfair also has one of the leading betting exchanges that allow you to create your own odds. Let’s look at more reasons you need to create an account at Betfair.

Free Є20 exchange bet

Lots of UFC competitions

Massive promotions

WilliamHill - Great All-Rounder

WilliamHill is widely known in the UK for its great odds and reliable service. It offers highly competitive UFC odds and a wide selection of UFC betting markets. The in-play betting option will also amaze you. Additional reasons why WilliamHill is one of the best UFC bookie’s include:

A nice layout that makes it easy to place UFC bets.

Exciting offers that are updated often.

It offers odds on potential fights yet to be announced.

How We Made Our Ranking

It is essential to choose the best UFC fighting bookmaker when wagering on UFC fights. The best UFC gambling sites guarantee you the best UFC odds and safe gambling.

Here at, we know the importance of providing our readers with the correct information. Below, we highlight the factors we check when ranking the best UFC betting sites.

Is The Betting Site Secure and Trustworthy?

The safety of a UFC betting site is our top priority. We only bring to you sites that are safe, reliable, and licensed. No bookmaker can make it to our list if they are not certified by a reputable authority. For instance, we only rank sites licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) in the UK.

Betting Odds - Quality and Variety

There is nothing more awful than a bookie offering no value to customers. Don’t worry though, all the UFC sites ranked here provide the best UFC odds today that are worth backing. No single betting site guarantees you the best betting site on all markets. However, we ensure that the payout percentage is good and the betting markets are broad.

How is the User Interface & Design?

How easy a site is to navigate is crucial to us. Even if a site offers the best UFC odds but is challenging to navigate, you are gambling on a substandard site. The best UFC sites are easy to maneuver on both desktop and mobile. We note menus and toolbars that allow you to move from one section to another with just a few clicks. You will find all sites listed here simple to use.

Strong Banking Options

You need to deposit funds in your betting account before wagering on UFC fights. So, before we recommend a site, we ensure it has an array of banking options. Some of the most popular banking options include e-Wallets such as Skrill & Neteller and debit cards. Bank transfers are also a common alternative. Ideally, the more banking options a site has, the better. Some bookies have taken it a step further and now accept cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals.

Welcome Bonus and Variety of Promotions

When ranking bookmakers, we also consider bonuses, offers, and promotions. Some of the offers at our recommended bookies include:

  • Matched bonuses
  • Free bets
  • Moneyback specials
  • Price boost

We also rank bookies based on the promotions they have for existing punters. As a regular bettor, you can take advantage of promotions such as enhanced odds and Acca insurance, as well as other offers.

Attentive Customer Care

Customer support is an essential consideration for us. Although you might not need to use customer support often, you can’t tell when you’ll need them. The best UFC betting sites provide a variety of customer care contact options. Besides, sites with the best customer attendants respond quickly to customers’ concerns. We look for sites that have:

24/7 live chat

Email address and telephone number to contact the customer support team

Comprehensive FAQ page offering quick solutions to common problems

UFC Betting Options

What is the point of signing up to a UFC betting site yet the betting options are limited? For this reason, we only recommend sites with widespread betting options. Otherwise, you wouldn’t find them on our list.

Overall Conclusion

UFC is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world.  Fights can be very unpredictable, and this excites players more. We recommend comparing UFC fight betting odds before wagering on any fight. Use the strategies and betting sites discussed here for a fruitful UFC betting experience.

UFC Best Odds FAQ

Why is it Important to compare UFC betting Odds?

Comparing UFC odds allows you to increase your potential return. You also get to know about offers and bonuses at different sportsbooks.

Each UFC fight has a variety of betting markets. You don’t have to bet on the winner or loser alone. This allows you to bet only on markets you feel confident about.

😎 Is there a difference between online odds and offline odds?

UFC odds differ between bookmakers and also between online and offline. This is also true for the best cricket betting odds. So make sure that you compare betting odds before placing any bets.

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