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When you’re online gambling, whether it’s on Overwatch or NFL, you want to know that you’re only putting your money down on the very best prices possible - and believe it or not it isn’t easy to find them.

Enter: us. Here we’ve pinpointed a place where you can find all the very best Overwatch betting odds available, meaning you don’t have to endlessly trawl the net every time you want to place a bet. Dive in and never settle for second best ever again!

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We’re number one for the latest Overwatch betting odds

First things first: we don’t mess about with our Overwatch betting tips. We tirelessly trawl the net to find you the absolute best Overwatch betting odds. The Overwatch handicap betting odds we’re touting here are the very best, as we’ve gone the extra mile to give you the best information possible.

We use a catalogue of different criteria to work out which are the best odds possible. We’ll give you an idea of the different sections we look at throughout this piece, but for now just know that the odds we’re touting here have been tried and tested by our odds comparison system.

Whether you’re looking for the best Overwatch betting odds today or wanting to use our Overwatch odds comparison to find the best odds for Overwatch league, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Get the latest odds for Overwatch league

If you want to get into Overwatch online betting but you don’t know what the Overwatch League is, where have you been? This is the first and foremost Overwatch tournament of the year, running a regular league table contested by teams from around the world.

Naturally, you’ll want to be getting as much value on the best Overwatch betting odds for Overwatch League, so make sure you stay tuned to our Overwatch betting guides during the tournament itself. All the major esports operators online will have Overwatch League plastered all over their homepages when it’s reaching the business end, but it’s still worth checking around for the best deals and Overwatch promo codes, especially when these bookmakers will be trying to get your attention.

Here’s where out Overwatch odds comparison service comes in. We’ve done all the boring work so you don’t have to, so you know that if you ever want to quickly find the very best Overwatch betting odds today and promotions, it’s all right here.

Get the latest odds for Overwatch Collegiate Championship 2021 National Swiss

For an event that’s a little more in-and-out, this Swiss style tournament is staged early in 2021. Here, university teams faceoff for the chance of being seeded, so your chances of seeing the next big thing win one of their first major competitions are quite high if you’re tuning in for this one.

24 teams in total go head-to-head in a massive clash of Overwatch skills for a chance at the big time - and if you want a piece of the action, get learning. Most of the teams in this tournament will almost definitely be lesser known than the regular Overwatch esports pros you’re used to watching, meaning that you’ll have less information than ever if you’re wanting to bet on this one.

On the plus side though, this makes it so much more interesting. Seeing rising stars performing on their big stage is a rush - and that excitement is coupled with the anticipation of never really knowing what’s going to happen next. With unknown players come unknown results and drama.

Get the latest odds for Overwatch Open Division North America 2021

Fans of Overwatch esports will know that Open Division tournaments happen all year round and all over the world. The goal of these tournaments is to find the very best competitors for the big leagues. This makes this Open competition quite fun to watch as a spectator, and even more fun to bet on.

The stakes are high in these games, obviously for you - the punter - but more so for the players. There’ll almost definitely be some truly nail biting stuff going on in the Open Divisions, making these tournaments absolute must-not-misses.

Especially if you’re just trying to get into online Overwatch esports betting, these kinds of qualifying competitions can be a great way to get into the intricacies of betting on Overwatch online. Just make sure to use our Overwatch odds comparison to get the best Overwatch betting odds possible.

The history of betting odds in Overwatch

In short, betting odds are a mathematical representation of how humans understand probability. They’ve been around for… pfft, as long as humans have had the intelligence to guess which amoeba would make it out of the water first. A long way from best Overwatch betting odds today, for the longest time, betting operators were seen as illegal and persecuted by the respective government.

Thankfully, we’ve all evolved a bit since then, but betting odds have largely stayed the same for a long time. There are three main types of betting odds in modern online betting. These are: decimal odds, fractional odds and American odds. Decimal odds are formatted as a single number that represents how much a punter would win if they placed a $1 wager - odds of 1.5 means that if you placed $1 you’d get $1.50 back.

Fractional odds however show the ratio of money wagered to money won (odds of 4/1 means you’ll take $4 from 1) while American odds denote exactly the same thing as these two other formats, but are written slightly differently. The number you see in American odds (accompanied by either a + or a -) indicates how much money you would have to wager to win $100, or the amount $100 will win.

For example, American odds for Mike Tyson to beat Donald Trump in a boxing match might look something like this “Trump to win: +10,000,000”. This would mean that the operator is saying that if you put $100 on Trump to win and he does, you’ll be getting $10,000,000. Great return right? Well, it would be, if it were actually possible.

How do Moneyline odds work in Overwatch?

While you’re looking for the best Overwatch betting odds, you’re bound to stumble along moneyline odds at some point. They work essentially the same way American odds do (they look like this “+200” and indicate that a winning $100 will take $200 profit) and, as usual, aren’t as confusing as they look at first glance.

Just like the other odds formats, Moneyline odds are just trying to display probability as clearly as possible, and it definitely is very easy to see at first glance which bets have the potential to be massive winners and which are clearly giant losers.

One key thing to remember though: regardless of first impressions, it’s important to carefully think about betting odds before placing a bet. Really think about what those odds are saying and how likely you think that is to happen, because it can be very easy to get thrown off by a little “+” or “-”.

Odds betting strategies: how to go pro

Once you’re comfortable with all the basics of online Overwatch betting, you’ll probably want to step up your game a bit. The obvious way to do that is with a betting strategy, and although this is definitely advanced stuff, there’s lots of choice out there. Here are a couple popular betting strategies and a bit about how to use them:

Arb betting strategy

This is a slightly tricky strategy that involves placing two bets on the same event. The event must be one that only has two possible outcomes, and the two bets would be placed on the opposite results. This way, whichever way the event ends, your bet will win.

On a small number of occasions this will result in guaranteed profit, which is something you can hardly ever expect when gambling online. Surely, it’s impossible to get value from betting on two eventualities of the same event?

Well it’s actually about the differences in price between bookmakers. Punters that successfully use this method place on wager with one bookmaker, and another wager with another bookmaker. These specific bets and operators will have been chosen especially and placed at the right time to ensure the outcome.

It’s tough, and definitely very difficult to pull off for new players to find the best Overwatch betting odds today.

Matched betting strategy

Another online betting strategy that tries to create guaranteed profit for punters, the matched betting strategy focuses on free bets and promotions. To employ this strategy, a punter would place a back bet with one operator and a lay bet with another, each on the same event. Whatever the result, one of those bets will win.

Experienced punters looking to maximise their value tend to use this method to qualify for free bet credit with operators - and doing it risk free. The idea here is that you will inevitably make some value, however small, as you’re using free bets and lay bets to cover your back should your main wager lose.

While there are many different markets punters can choose to bet on around, every betting platform has it’s favorites. Overwatch is a first person shooter, so all the classic markets show up regularly, although there are some unique factors of Overwatch that open up opportunities for brand new exclusive markets. Here are some of the most common:

  • Overall match winner: Exactly what it says on the tin.
  • Top frags: Which player gets the most overall kills at the end of the match.
  • MVP: Which player will win the Most Valuable Player award after the match.
  • Rounds won: How many rounds will a specific team win.
  • Overall objective score: Which team will score the most points on objective based game modes.

Odds comparison FAQ

  • Is your odds comparison free?

Before you dive into your odds comparison service, you need to know if it’s completely free of charge. Most odds comparison services will cost you some money at some point, so it’s important for you to know exactly when and where those charges are coming from to avoid any nasty surprises. Our odds comparison is free of charge.

  • Why should I bet online and not in store?

We don’t know where to start with this one - apart from the nice fresh air you’ll get on your walk down there, there is absolutely no reason to bet in store in the 21st century. Online operator’s are doing everything the brick and mortar boys have been doing for years, so along with the convenience of online gambling and the amazing bonus offer exclusive to virtual betting, we think it’s a no brainer.

  • Are online odds better than offline odds?

We don’t know about “better” as in “more value”, but they’re definitely better for you. Honestly, we can’t state enough how amazing the inclusion of bonus promo codes is for online based punters, and it really does make a massive difference to deciding where to put your bets on. Online odds are more accessible and easier to track than offline ones, for obvious reasons - this also applies for traditional sports betting markets too, such as the best football odds.

  • Should I live stream my bets?

You should definitely live stream the esports matches you’ve put money on: a) because it’s very fun (and tense) to watch your bets come in live and b) because it will give you a chance to change and/or add to your betslip in real time with Overwatch live betting.

  • Should I wait for a good sign up offer?

Honestly, sign up offers are a great asset to new players, and if a particular operator isn’t offering one when you’re thinking about signing up, that could well be a deal breaker. Waiting to get into online betting is just never the way though - you’re only going to learn from experience - so while sign up offers are definitely very useful, we think you should just go for it.


All in all, the best Overwatch betting odds online are the ones you find yourself. There are so many online esports operators nowadays, that shopping around yourself will probably reveal some cracking bonus offers for esports matches - especially if you do it around the time of an upcoming esports tournament.

Esports betting has completely different rules to all other forms of online gambling though, so while you should definitely get stuck in, know that it may take some time for you to come around to the dos and don'ts of online Overwatch betting. Once you're familiar with the rules of Overwatch, you can move on to our Starcraft 2 betting guide!

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Overwatch odds FAQ

What are Overwatch seasons?

Overwatch is a game divided into seasons for its online play. This is mainly for casual players, but also works as a time frame for when Overwatch online betting and promo codes will be most popular.

How do Overwatch ranks work?

Overwatch is a massive online shooter with many different aspects. You’ll earn ranks from playing multiplayer, which is something that can really inform your online Overwatch betting massively.

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