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Esports Betting / The Very Best Fornite Betting Odds: Comparison

The Very Best Fornite Betting Odds: Comparison

Last Updated on 19/03/2023
Fact checked by: Sophie McCarthy

Odds are important parts of betting and punting. The extent of winnings is largely determined by the odds attached to each game. As a result, many punters appreciate a game with huge odds.

Fortnite is one of the foremost esports titles played across the world today. With a very large player base and huge prize money, there is all to play for and bet on, in this game. As with other esports titles, odds matter in Fortnite. This is why this article seeks to discuss the concept of odds in Fortnite betting.

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We’re number one for the latest Fortnite odds

Seeing as you must pay adequate attention to the odds attached to games before punting, you may need to start looking for games with huge odds and bigger chances of winning. Now, you can look towards betting sites for favorable odds.

This is why you need an unbiased and independent betting guide. One that provides the best and well-researched odds just for your benefit. At Strafe, our purpose is to provide punters like you with reliable and verifiable information on esports betting. Thus, our odds, as with punting other information provided, are results of extensive research, analysis, and calculations. We use various statistical tools to get our results and we present them in an unbiased and impartial way. At the end of the day, we ensure that you get the best Fortnite betting odds available for any Fortnite gaming event.

These reasons are why you should trust us for your Fortnite betting odds and other betting information.

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Get the latest odds for Fortnite World Cup Finals

Are you looking for the best odds for Fortnite World Cup Finals? Look no further than Our dedicated odds comparison page provides you with different odds from bookmakers, allowing you to choose the best.

The Fortnite World Cup Finals is one of the major Fortnite events in the world. Since it commenced in 2019, many players and punters have followed the tournament, especially due to its huge prize money. The World Cup Finals is a brainchild of Epic Games, and this event is the biggest Fortnite tournament today.

The Fortnite World Cup Finals uses the two game modes available for Fortnite. These game modes include Battle Royale and Fortnite Creative. Players compete against each other with these game modes, while punters make bets on different playing teams. As there are different betting markets available, there are also different odds for these markets. It is therefore important that punters get the best odds for these markets.

We also provide our own researched, well calculated, and unbiased odds for the different betting markets for the Fortnite World Cup finals. With our odds at, you will not only enjoy watching different teams and players battle for the prize money, but you will also earn huge winnings on your stake.

Get the latest odds for Fortnite Summer Skirmish Series

For the Fortnite Summer Skirmish Tournament, is your go-to option for the best odds. You can also compare the odds from different betting sites and bookmakers. This will help you decide on which site to place your bet with, to make impressive winnings.

Summer Skirmish is another popular Fortnite tournament. The Tournament holds for about eight weeks within which players win a whopping sum of eight million dollars. The games are held every weekend, with each week bringing a change in the game format. This weekly change makes the tournament more competitive as players don’t only have to be good while playing, they have to adapt to the changing rules to stay in the game.

However, you can also make good money, even if you are not playing. You can place bets on different players and win a huge amount of money. To do this, you will need the best Fortnite betting odds for different games and betting markets.

That is where comes in. Strafe provides you with the best odds that anyone can ever ask for in a Fortnite game. For the best Fortnite Summer Skirmish Tournament odds, think

Get the latest odds for the Fortnite Pro-Am Tournament

You will get the best odds for the Fortnite Pro-Am Tournament at The Fortnite Pro-Am tournament is one where celebrities and players compete against each other. This event is also organized by Epic Games and is part of its Summer Block Party Event.

The competition involves a pro gamer and a celebrity teaming up against other teams (of celebrity and pro-gamer). There are usually huge monetary prizes to be won, and the winning team will decide which charity gets the monetary prize. So, the tournament is more like a charity drive.

However, charities are not the only ones to make cool dough here! Fans and punters like you can make money off the tournament by placing your bets on the winning team. So while the winning team wins money for a charity, they make money for you too.

To win impressive amounts of money, you will need good odds. At, we employ the most efficient tool to determine odds for different games and betting markets. We also have an odds comparison page where you can compare the odds provided by different betting sites, allowing you to make your choice on the best and most preferable.

The history of betting odds 

While it is a bit vague to know when the use of odds started in sports, the sixteenth century heralded the introduction of odds as a measure of probability. A popular Polymath, Cardano, showed that odds are effective means of determining the outcome of an occurrence as it pitches the favorable outcome against the unfavorable outcome.

However, this concept got introduced into sports betting. Sport betting odds have two primary functions. The first one is for determining the possibility of different outcomes. As a rule in sports betting, the higher the odds, the lower the possibility of an event occurring. Lower odds, on the other hand, translates to a higher possibility of an event happening.

The second purpose of odds in sports betting is to calculate the extent of a punter’s winning. When you place a bet, you place it with odds. These odds determine how much you win if the game or match ends in your favor.

The use of odds in betting has grown over years and has led to the development of three different types of odds, namely;

  •      Decimal Odds
  •      Fractional Odds
  •      American Odds

The primary difference between these types of odds is in their region of use, which by extension, impacts how they are used.

Decimal Odds

This is also known as European Odds, continental odds, and digital odds. This odds type is used primarily in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. As the name suggests, you will find these odd types written in decimal, making it easy to work with.

By just merely looking at the odds, you will know the favorites and underdogs in the match or game. The decimal odds refers to the amount of money won with every unit of money wagered. The odds already include your stake, so you need not add it after calculating your winning. To keep the calculation simple, the odds multiplied by your stake equals the total of your winnings.

Total Winnings = Decimal Odds X Stake Amount

Fractional Odds

These are also known as traditional odds or British Odds, meaning they are popular among British and Irish bookies. They are written as a mathematical fraction (6/1). In this case, the odds, 6/1 means that you will win 6 units of currency if you stake 1 unit of currency. If you stake in dollars, $1 will yield $6 for this odd.

American Odds

Another name for this kind of odds is US odds or Moneyline odds, and it is popular in the United States. In these odd types, the favorites have a (-) sign before their odds while the underdogs have a (+) sign before their odds.

How do Moneyline odds work in Fortnite?

In Fortnite, the Moneyline bet is one of the simplest and easiest to use and understand. It is also known as a Straight-up and Simple bet. In this type of bet, all you need to do is pick the match-winner. Remember that the underdogs have the plus sign before their odds, while the favorites to win have the minus sign on before their odds.

For instance, let us use this example

Odds for Player 1: -700

Odds for Player 2: +250

It is clear from this example that player 1 is the underdog and the less likely to win, while player 2 is the favorite and most likely to win. Now, let’s calculate the potential winnings on both odds. Another peculiarity that you should bear in mind is that there are different formulas for calculating the winnings for the two odds.

For positive odds, the winnings formula is Stake Amount x (Odds/100) while for negative odds, the formula is Stake Amount / (Odds/100).

How do spreads work in Fortnite?

Points spread is another form of betting on esports betting platforms. It is a way for bookmakers to manipulate bets to cater to the skill difference between two players and teams. It levels the playing field and rewards punters for correct prediction.

There are usually two different options for point spreads in esports betting, they are Match and Map spread betting. The Match option is used when the spread will factor the number of maps won during the game, while the Map option comes to the fore with regards to the number of kills on the map. Apart from this difference, these two options work the same way.

Essentially, spreads work in Fortnite when you wager that the favorite would win with more than a certain set of maps or kills, and the underdog will not lose by more than a specific number of maps or kills. To know how it works, let’s use this example;

Player 1: -1.5 (+130)

Player 2: +1.5 (-158)

From these odds, you know the favorite (player 1) and the underdog (player 2). So if you bet on player 2 +1.5, they must emerge the overall winner (winning the best of three matches) or lose by less than 1.5 maps. This means that if they lose two games and win one, you win your bet. But, if they should lose two games and win none, your bet is lost. On the other hand, Player 1 must win two games for you to win your bet.

Odds betting strategies for when you want to bet on Fortnite

Betting, like every other endeavor that involves money, requires planning and strategy. This strategy helps to ensure that you reduce losses and increase your chances of winning. There are two strategies popularly used by expert punters when it comes to odds betting. These strategies are Arb betting strategy and Matched Betting strategy.

Arb betting strategy 

This is a short form of arbitrage and its purpose is to take the advantage of the inadequacies in the betting market to make huge winnings and profits. This strategy involves placing different bets on different outcomes of a single game. This means that the punter will win regardless of the outcome.

Matched Betting Strategy

Matched betting is another betting strategy that allows punters to reduce the risk involved in betting. It is also known as no-risk betting. This is because it involves the use of the free bets and other bonuses offered by the bookmaker to make profits.

You make profits on matched betting because you cover the possible outcomes of the game, using the bookmaker's free bet. This means that you can place a bet that player 1 will win the overall game, and also place another bet (using the same free bet) that player 2 will win the same game. At the end of the day, you win your bet, regardless of the eventual outcome of the game.

Because of the evolving nature of the esports betting industry, there are limited betting markets for punters to try their hands at. However, the few available ones are exciting and could lead to you winning lots of money. These markets include:

  • 1x2: This means either of the players will win
  • Map Duration: This allows you to bet on the interval where the game will end
  • Total Towers: This allows you to predict the number of towers that will be destroyed during the game

Others include Total Rounds, First/Second Map Winner, Round Handicaps, and many more.

Final thoughts

Odds are important aspects of an esports betting game, and this is why you need to pay adequate attention to it if you wish to make lots of money from your punting efforts. While this article has touched different aspects of Fortnite odds, and also provided some odds for upcoming tournaments, here are the lowdown of this article:

  • Use betting strategies to get the best out of betting odds
  • Compare odds from different betting sites
  • There are three types of odds, and the Moneyline type is best used in Fortnite games
  • Points spread helps you even the skill disparity between two players and teams
  • You can trust Strafe for your odds comparison services

And to boost your chances of successful betting, be sure to check out our article about all the amazing Fortnite promo codes that are out there for you to use, as well as our exclusive Fortnite betting tips.

Unibet FAQs

Is your odds comparison service free of charge?

Strafe offers a free and unbiased odds comparison service. This service includes the provision of expert opinions on odds for different Fortnite games and tournaments.

Why should I not bet on my standard bookie?

There is no reason why you shouldn’t bet on your standard and regular bookie. However, you should compare the odds provided by your bookie, to confirm that you are not being cheated out of winning huge amounts of money on your bets. Click here to compare the latest Fortnite odds.

Are there differences between online vs offline odds

There are no many differences between offline and online odds. However, the odds for live betting gets updated faster for online punters than those for offline punters. In some cases, this can affect the winnings of the punters. 

Why do you compare odds?

The simple answer is to increase punter’s chances of winning at esports betting. There is a statistical increase (10% to 15%) in the chances of punters winning the bet when they compare odds. Also, when we compare odds, punters can see the bookie with the best odds and place their bets with them.  

Why should I register with Strafe for Odds comparison?

We offer one of the best odds comparisons in the industry and we do this without bias to any bookmaker.

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