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It’s Time to Beat the Bookies!

CSGO betting odds are very competitive, which is why we’re on a hand to help you find the best in esports betting galaxy today!

In this article we discuss a recent CSGO betting odds comparison, have a look at historic Counter Strike bets, and discuss strategies that will help you secure the best odds. If you are unfamiliar with moneyline and CSGO handicap betting we have that covered too. Read ahead to find out where you can find the best Counter Strike betting odds today.

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CSGO Latest Game Odds

Good news.’s betting module takes the crown with the best CSGO betting odds after a recent CSGO odds comparison. We say “good” because the site’s informative design streamlines the whole process too, keeping your strategies as informed as your bets.

Strafe is best known for its mobile app that provides comprehensive eSports coverage in real time. It covers global events and lets you keep in touch with the broader eSports community by following teams, players and tournaments.

Its new betting module ensures that punters are able to participate in an educated manner at all stages of play. With odds as competitive as the game at hand, the module leaves plenty of opportunity for you to tailor your bet slip and adapt your strategies on the fly.

It’s about time British, European and Canadian CSGO fans were treated to a reliable, licensed broker that offers fair odds using local currencies.

What we’re watching here at Strafe

North American DreamHack Open odds

Counter Strike betting odds today were for elimination matches of the North American DreamHack Open which runs until the end of January. In honor of Strafe’s betting module topping the tables, we downloaded their mobile app ourselves and tuned in there.

The interface aims to plug you into the broader eSports community, so its betting module felt like an organic progression for the most part. The app allows you to easily check team lineups and view the rank and stats of your favourite players. It monitors the competitor’s head-to-head record (H2H) too. Over three thousand live spectators even revealed their favourite to win. We’re excited to see who takes the crown, but no chance are we telling who our money’s on!

Team / Odds

  • Evil Geniuses +300
  • Furia Esports +350
  • Team Liquid +350
  • 100 Thieves +600
  • Gen.G Esports +600
  • Cloud9 +1000
  • Triumph +1600
  • Ze Pug Godz +2500

Odds as of August 4 at Bodog.

Coming soon:

IEM Katowice 2021 Odds

With the Intel Extreme Master on the horizon, Counter Strike’s longest running global circuit, Bookmakers are already taking early bets, also known as Ante Post bets, on predicted winners.

Betting this far ahead may come with more risk, but it also comes with enhanced odds. Not to mention, the odds will inevitably change as the tournament grows nearer and the international skirmish commences. If you’re predicting a landslide, now might be the best time to put your money where your mouth is.

Team / Odds

  • Astralis +225
  • Vitality +300
  • Heroic +450
  • Natus Vincere +500
  • Big +900
  • Furia +900
  • G2 Esports +1400
  • OG +1600
  • FaZe Clan +2000
  • Mousesports +2000
  • Complexity +2500
  • Evil Geniuses +2500
  • Fnatic +2500
  • Gambit +3300
  • Team Liquid +3300
  • +3300
  • Team Spirit +5000
  • Cloud9 +6600
  • Renegades +7500
  • Boom +10000
  • Tyloo +15000
  • EPEC Winter Winner +20000
  • Illuminar +25000
  • Chaos +30000

Odds as of January 14 at Bodog.

Keep an eye out for the below in 2021:

PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Odds

After a two year break, the Counter Strike: Global Offensive Major will return in November hosted by PGL. Stockholm will see history in the form of a $2 million prize pool, the largest in CSGO’s European history, and it will be the first major broadcast in 4K at 60fps. Welcome to the (near) future.

Esports & CSGO — A Brief History

With eSport’s rising popularity, we’ve seen some outrageous sponsorship deals, soaring prize pools and excellent Counter Strike betting odds. It blows our mind to think that these days Team Solo Mid are worth a whopping $410 million. Our Parents used to tell us to go outside or go to college, but we always knew we should have been inside playing video games. Damn it, Mum, we could have been millionaires!

Past Winners

In January we saw Reddit Users rinse a major hedge fund for $13bn by outplaying them on the stock market. Following in that spirit, we did a little digging to find some of the most iconic hauls punters have taken home with life-changing plays.

  1. In 2020 one lucky punter multiplied their initial deposit of €20 by 327 with Their annual review revealed that their best Counter Strike betting odds saw the enthusiast walk away with €6540.
  2. In 2014, four high-profile North American Counter Strike players from iBuyPower, namely “DaZeD” Marine, Braxton “swag” Pierce, Joshua “steel” Nissan and Keven “AZK” Lariviere were found guilty of match-fixing and suspended from play. The four players allegedly pocketed over $10,000!
  3. In 2016, one Reddit user of r/CSGObetting posted in appreciation of the game. He reported taking home over $40,000 that year from studying CSGO betting odds. A chunk of the fund even helped him afford a necessary surgery.

Different Odds Formats

Fun fact. CSGO Live Betting odds are presented in different measures depending on where you live in the world. Fractional odds are popular in the United Kingdom, however “European odds” or decimal odds are prevalent and popular with Canadians too. That said, differing CSGO betting guides and comparison sites, may even make use of american odds or “moneylines”.

These odds translate with the same value, but the presentation differs to match our respective social norms. There you go. You learn something new everyday.


Decimal odds are favoured in Europe, Canada and Australia. These odds reflect the payout on a successful bet in decimal form. If you put £10 on 1.50 odd, possible payout would be £15.


Fractional odds, or “traditional odds” in the UK are represented as fractions and indicate the net payout earned relative to the amount staked. They show the possible profit excluding your stake. Odds of two to one (2/1) imply that the bettor would have £20 profit on a £10 stake. If the odd is one to two (1/2), the bettor would have £5 profit on a £10 stake.


American odds, also known as “money line odds” or “lines”, are different for favorites and underdogs. If the odds are worse than even, the figure is negative and it shows how much money must be wagered to win $100. If the quoted odd is -100, you will have to put £100 to win $100. However, if the quoted odd is positive +200 it means you will win $200 with a stake of $100.

Converting American odd to decimal depends on whether it is negative or positive. If it is negative, divide the US odd by -100 and add 1 (-200 will be -100/-200+1=1.50). If it is positive, just divide it by 100 and add 1 (300 will be 300/100+1=4.00). The same principles apply when converting to fractional format: -200 will be -100/-200 = 1/2 whereas +300 will be 300/100 = 3/1.

Betting on CSGO Moneylines

“Moneylines” display information for conventional single bets on which team is going to win the game. The objective is to pick the team that you believe will win, but the bookmaker balances their risk by setting different odds on each team. You win less if you pick the favorites to win and more if you pick the underdog.

For a Counter Strike elimination match you might see moneyline odds displays as follows:

  • Team X +140
  • Team Z -170

In this example, Team Z is favored, as signified by the negative number. It would cost you £/€/$17 in order to collect a £/€/$10 payout on a Team X win. If you bet £/€/$10 on Team X, the underdog, you’d collect £/€/$14 if they won. In other words, you’ll have to wager more money on Team Z than you would on X in order to collect on this bet.

Generally Counter Strike betting odds are more favourable than its peers due to the potential room for upset, or unprecedented outcomes. That said, moneyline bets are best placed under the guidance of well researched sheets. For example, if the competitors head-to-head history overlooks a sudden change in lineup due to illness or injury.

Betting on CSGO Spreads

While betting on a moneyline is solely about who wins, some bookmakers will allow you to bet on a point spread, which is about who wins and by how much. The spread refers to the two team’s final scores of the game and their difference. When you bet on a spread you are betting whether a team will win by a certain amount of rounds or if a team will be able to keep the game closer than the listed odds.

If this option is available, spread information will usually be listed beside the moneyline odds on the betting line:

  • Team X +2.5
  • Team Z -2.5

If Team X and Z have a spread of +2.5 and -2.5, then the spread bet for Z to cover is 5. This means they will need to win the map by at least 5 rounds to cover the spread and make the bet successful.

Spreads serve as a handicap to a favourable team to allow their supporters and scholars to participate in a challenging manner.

Strategic breakdown of CSGO betting odds

Many punters maintain spreadsheets to monitor these investments and test their strategies. Your spreadsheet should function as a tournament chart, listing all of the match-ups alongside your bets, daily return and total bank. This is a good strategy to employ when placing a variety of bets, developing your own database, or simply practicing. However, any combination of strategies can be utilised by punters.

The Arb betting strategy involves placing multiple wagers on different outcomes of a single eSports event. One wager will win while the other loses. However, if done correctly, you should see a marginal return regardless of which side wins.

Team X vs. Team Z

  • Online Bookmaker 1 odds: Team X +120
  • Local Bookmaker 2 odds: Team Z +120

In this example, a bettor will wager £/€/$ on each team. The total amount of wagered for this game will be £/€/$20, but split between the two bookmakers. Regardless of which team wins the game, the bettor will be paid $£/€/$12 for a winning wager plus the original £/€/$10 for a total of £/€/$22. The total profit of this investment was £/€/$2. This is a guaranteed 5% return; that’s solid for a short-term investment.

Matched Betting Strategy

Matched betting is another favoured strategy. This is a betting strategy that allows you to off-set some of your strategies’ risk factors by taking advantage of the promotions offered by bookies. Instead of betting on who you think will win, you cover all potential outcomes of an event, so that you make a small profit no matter what. This may also be referred to as ‘skimming’ where a ‘free bet’ or a deposit balance with ‘wagered terms’ is concerned.

A matched bet consists of two parts: a back bet and a lay bet. Your matched bet means that winnings from your back bet will cover any loss from your lay bet. In essence you play your CSGO Promo code currencies against your real balance in an attempt to guarantee a win.

The best CSGO betting odds are spread across a handful of markets. Counter Strike’s gameplay offers a multitude of facets for punters to bet on.

  • Picking map-specific winners is a popular choice. Generally, three maps are played to determine the ‘best of three’.
  • Ante Post bets, in which you predict the winner of a tournament early, are great fun when picking teams with friends.
  • Placing a bet on the number of maps you believe a team will win in a tournament has been favourable lately.
  • Choosing pistol round winners has become increasingly popular among punters as the match-up is deemed the most skill-oriented round.


1. Is your odds comparison service free of charge?

If you are looking to monitor odds across multiple platforms, punters often use CSGO odds comparison services. However, some of these require paid access. For newcomers it’s recommended that prioritise research, free services such as ours and articles that cultivate your CSGO betting knowledge. Once you have an understanding of what individual comparison services offer, you will be able to ascertain whether or not their database might be relevant to your market, strategies and betting interests.

2. Are there differences between online vs offline odds?

Maybe you have only ever placed wagers online, or perhaps you have only ever dealt with local bookmakers.  Either way, if you are considering trying something new, you may wonder about the differences between online and offline betting.

With your online betting site, you are generally expected to put money up right away. However initial deposits can often see unique rewards and promotional offers, such as a matched ‘game money’ balance. These tend to be significantly more generous on online platforms when compared to local offline bets.

In local bookies, equivalent offers may involve wagering with credit. If you lose, you have to pay up there and then. If you win, you may continue with that line of credit. For some bettors this may be an advantage, while for others, it may be a disadvantage. It depends on how disciplined you are and how well you handle your money.

Online betting generally allows for more strategic and comfortable play. This is because betting remotely allows you to set up and prepare accordingly with few distractions. Betting in local bookmakers can often feel overwhelming.

3. Why should I not bet with my standard bookie?

Conventional local bookmakers treat gamers as an afterthought with poor design and coverage. This is where Strafe excels. Having an application that connects you to the broader eSports community creates a more informed understanding of the stakes at hand.

Thanks for reading!

With new territories finally having access to reliable, licensed bookmakers, it will be exciting to see the influx of revenue that gets reinvested into local eSports scenes across the globe. There’s always something on, day and night, but try and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming CSGO tournaments, their respective betting odds, and associated promotional offers.

If you’re looking for a new source for line ups and statistics, check out Strafe’s mobile app. The betting module is a welcome addition and holds the best CSGO betting odds, but that aside – the functionality the base platform offers is perfect for keeping in touch with the broader eSports community.

Good luck and see you on the battlefield!

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