Odds Boosts Explained for 2022

PromoGuy's Practical Beginner's Guide to Odds Boosts in the US

Need to have odds boosts explained? Then join us as we see what odds boosts are, how you can get them and why they are an essential part of sports betting!

They can seem complex, but once you’ve had odds boosts explained, you’ll wonder what you ever did without them. PromoGuy hunts down all the best odds boosts on offer. Want an even greater bang for your buck? Then sign up today and start receiving the latest betting picks and odds boosts to your inbox!

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Odds boosts explained in simple terms

So what is an odds boost? Well, it’s a special offer that takes a sportsbook’s odds and makes them better. As such, the odds will be getting longer than they were before. This means that if you use an odds boost on a sports bet and it wins, you’ll get more of a return.

Sportsbooks put on odds boosts in order to try and encourage you into putting down certain kinds of bets. It’s fairly common for an odds boost to be tricky to win. This means that deciding whether to use an odds boost can be a balancing act between risk and reward. But we have found that a well-placed odds boost can work wonders in getting more from your sports bets.


Odds boosts explained with examples

Still confused about what an odds boost is? Then let’s have a look at a few examples of how odds boosts could work for different sports:

  • Football: Let’s say that you wanted to bet on the New York Giants to beat the New Orleans Saints, but the best odds you could find were +250. However, one sportsbook had an odds boost that raised its odds for a Giants win from +250 to +300. A simple way to get a little extra from your NFL bets.
  • Basketball: Many online sportsbooks will give you odds boosts for much more than just money line betting lines. For example, you might find an odds boost for player props lines in an NBA game. This could be the odds  to go up from +100 to +200 for someone like LeBron James to score more than a certain amount of points.
  • Baseball: You can also get odds boosts for parlay betting. Let’s take an example from the MLB. Here you might find an online sportsbook who boosted the odds from +500 to +550 for the Cubs, Tigers and Brewers to all win their next games.
  • Hockey: Some sportsbooks will even let you get odds boosts for totals betting lines. For example, an NHL game between the Penguins and Red Wings might see a sportsbook boosting its odds from 150+ to 200+ for the hockey game to have more than eight goals.

How to get odds boosts

Not only are odds boosts great fun, but they are seriously easy to get too. You can find odds boosts at all decent online sportsbooks including all of the betting sites featured here. Then it’s just a matter of following the below steps to get a decent boost on your sports bets:

Sign up or login to your account

You will obviously need to have a sportsbook account to get any odds boosts. Thankfully, it shouldn’t take longer than a couple of minutes to sign up to an online sportsbook.

Make a deposit

Odds boosts are designed in a way to give you more of a return should you win the relevant bet and so you’ll obviously have to fund this bet with a real money deposit.

Browse the odds boosts

Most online sportsbooks will have a separate section on their betting sites and apps dedicated to their odds boosts. Once you find an odds boost you like the look of, you can simply click on the odds to have them added to your bet slip.

Enter your stakes and put your bets down

We should note that some odds boosts will only work if you put down a minimum qualifying bet. But as long as you meet these demands you can simply submit your bet and hope that luck is on your side!

We should note that there are a handful of online sportsbooks who give you odds boosts in a different way. Here you might get a fixed number of odds boost tokens that you can use within a limited time period. You will normally just have to add them to the bet slip by clicking on a certain icon. All of which shows you just how easy it is to use odds boosts.

Be careful of certain odds boosts

Most odds boosts are pretty easy-going deals that barely have anything in the way of annoying terms and conditions. However, we found that some of the following features are common among the lesser odds boosts:

  • Limited betting markets: You might see some odds boosts that encourage you to put down some tricky bets. We’d advise only using an odds boost if it mirrors the kind of sports bet that you were originally planning to put down.
  • Parlay odds boosts: Parlay betting is difficult at the best of times and you should be careful of using any odds boosts that give you better odds for adding more selections to your parlay. After all, these bets can combine to produce some truly impossible odds.
  • Minimum bet amounts: We should remind you that it’s best to avoid those odds boosts that ask that you wager a certain minimum amount. That is unless it’s how much you were originally planning on betting!

Conclusion - the power of having odds boosts explained

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this brief explanation of how odds boosts work. Hopefully this guide has done a fair job of telling you that odds boosts remain one of the simplest ways to get more from your sports bets. After all, they are easy to activate and you don’t have to deal with any of the wagering conditions that blight other sports betting bonuses.

This means that you’ll be perfectly set up to start betting with all manner of odds boosts. Remember that each of our featured online sportsbooks has a good track record for putting on some truly outrageous enhanced deals. So sign up to one of these online sportsbooks and see what you can get with a great odds boost!


Odds boosts explained FAQ

👀Where can I find an odds boost calculator?

Check out our guide to have odds boosts explained in a way that will make you question whether you actually need to use an odds boost calculator in the first place. After all, our guide will simply tell you how you can get the best odds boosts today. This means that you can sign up to one of our recommended sportsbooks and get an unbeatable way to get more from your sports bets.

💪Who has the best odds boosts today?

Pretty much all online sportsbooks will say that they have the best odds boosts today, but we’ve found that there is plenty of variation out there. This is why you should read our guide to have odds boosts explained in simple terms so that you can see which of these deals is good value for money. After all, there are a handful of odds boosts out there that are pretty lame.

❓How do I get a BetMGM odds boost?

Make sure that you read our guide that has odds boosts explained so that you can see what you need to do to get deals like the enhanced odds at BetMGM. Our guide will walk you through all of the steps you need to take to get an odds boost and reveal how these special offers work. All of which will help you see which of the BetMGM enhanced odds have what it takes to be the best odds boost for the US.

⚡What is the best odds boost FanDuel has to offer?

If you know anything about FanDuel, it’s the fact that this online sportsbook can be relied upon to put on some truly amazing odds boosts. So make sure that you read our guide where we will have odds boosts explained in a way that will help you spot which of the sportbook’s odds boosts are worth getting. Perfect for getting a little extra from your sports bets!

✨What is an odds boost?

If you like high odds betting, then you are going to love odds boosts. Make sure that you read our guide to see what an odds boost is and why these are an essential part of modern sports betting. You’ll also get to see what you have to do to activate an odds boost and learn why some odds boosts are better than others. A great way to get more from betting on sport!

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