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PromoGuy brings you the latest Odds Boosts for October 2022

Welcome to our guide that shows you why you need an odds boost in your life! Keep reading to see how you can find some awesome odds boosts and use them to supercharge your US sports bets!

The good news is that it’s pretty easy to find an odds boost. The bad news is it’s harder to figure out which of these odds boosts offer the best value for money. That's why you need to subscribe to PromoGuy today to receive handpicked odds boosts that will give you the best returns!

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What is an odds boost?

An odds boost is a special offer put on by a sportsbook that simply makes the odds that are on offer better value. This means that if you bet on the betting line featured in the odds boost, you’d stand to get an improved return should your bet succeed.

After all, an odds boost will always make the odds longer. This means making the probability of something happening in a sporting encounter less likely.

As such, the sportsbook is giving you the chance to make improved returns although you’ll have to bet on some specific betting lines. Remember that odds boosts should always show you how the odds are being enhanced which means giving you the original price and then the new price after the odds have been boosted.

Examples of odds boosts

You can get odds boosts for pretty much anything. It could be something simple like increasing the odds for the New York Jets to win their next NFL game from +350 to +400. Odds boosts could also focus on player props markets such as how many touchdown passes Lamar Jackson throws.

These enhanced odds deals could also be a little more complex, such as taking the odds from +225 to +250 for the next winner of the Arnold Palmer Invitational to be a first-time winner on the PGA Tour.

Plus we have seen no shortage of sportsbooks who put on odds boosts for some more complex bets like parlay bets. For example, you might see an odds boost for the Rangers, Stars and the Predators to win their next NHL game.


Why should you get odds boosts?

Most people will use odds boosts simply because they give them a better return from their bets. After all, if you see an odds boosts that gives you odds of -100 for the San Francisco 49ers to beat the Seattle Seahawks compared to the initial price of -200, then it means that you stand to get more back should you win your bet.

However, odds boosts do much more than give you more from your winning bets. We’ve found that they can be a great way to try some alternative betting lines that we might not have considered. Plus they will have helped introduce many people to the fun of parlay betting. All of which shows that there are plenty of decent reasons for getting an odds boost.

Finding odds boosts

The good news is that it’s remarkably easy to get odds boosts. Go to pretty much any online sportsbook and you’ll see a section listed devoted to enhanced odds deals. This means that you can simply browse through the odds boosts to find one best-suited to your individual sports betting needs.

Plus we should remember that sportsbooks will tend to put on these odds boosts for the biggest sporting events. This means that you should always shop around for enhanced odds deals before betting on anything ranging from the Super Bowl to the Stanley Cup. Don’t forget that you can always rely on us to point you in the direction of the best odds boosts in the US.

Who has the best odds boosts US has to offer?

We have found that most of the online sportsbooks featured on our site have a good track record of putting on some quality odds boosts. The key thing to remember is that these are special deals that will have a fairly limited shelf-life. This means that there’s an ever-changing range of enhanced odds offers that you can potentially get.

While this is good in terms of you being able to get an odds boost for pretty much any major sport, it does make it kind of hard to see which online sportsbook has the best overall service in terms of enhanced odds deals. Our advice is simply to keep this page bookmarked to make sure that you’re aware of any unbeatable odds boosts that come on the market.

Things to be careful of when using an odds boost

While odds boosts are great fun, they don’t always make things easy. Here are some key reasons about why you should be cautious when getting any enhanced odds deals:

  • Tough betting markets: You will often be forced into putting down some fairly unlikely bets in order to get an odds boost. Be careful of using those odds boosts that try and push you into making parlay bets that are almost impossible to win.
  • Negligible boost amount: An odds boost should always boost the price of a bet by a decent amount. This means that the original odds should be competitive and that the amount that the odds get boosted by will make it worthwhile.
  • Minimum betting stakes: Some odds boosts will require you to bet a certain minimum amount in order to get the better price. Don’t fall into this trap and make sure that you only bet with money that you don’t mind losing.

Tight time limits: Remember that odds boosts will only feature for a limited amount of time. This means that there’s every chance the enhanced odds offer vanishing before you get to use it.

Conclusion - keep it here to find your perfect odds boost

By now you’ll realize that odds boosts are an essential part of successful sports betting. After all, they are simple deals that give you more for your sports bets with very little in the way of strings attached. Just remember that odds boosts have a habit of pushing you out of your comfort zone.

Thankfully, we’ll be here to reveal which sportsbooks have the best value odds boosts US has right now. This means that you’ll never be too far away from an odd boost that does anything from giving you a lift on your NBA bets to helping you get more for betting on the NFL. So bookmark this page to make sure that you’re always first in line to get a good odds boost!


Odds boost FAQ

❓How does an odds boost calculator work?

Make sure that you read our guide to see how an odds boost calculator works. We will examine how this betting tool functions so that you’ll instantly be able to see exactly how generous that sportsbook is being. All of which will mean that you’ll never have a better way of discovering the best odds boosts that you can get for your sports bets!

💪Who has the best odds boosts today?

Check out our guide where we will examine what an odds boost is so that you can make sure that you are always betting with high betting odds. By reading our guide you’ll be perfectly placed to find the best odds boosts today, tomorrow and every day throughout the year. All you need to constantly get a little extra from your sports bets!

⚡What is the basic odds boost meaning?

Read our guide to have an odds boost explained in simple terms so that you can take advantage of these great little offers. We’ll make sure that the explanation gives you real world examples so that you get a better understanding of what an odds boost is. All of which should set you up in a good position to get the best odds boosts today!

🏅What is the best odds boost FanDuel has to offer?

We have found that FanDuel has no shortage of excellent odds boosts on at the moment. But you will need to read our guide to see which is the best odds boost of the bunch. This is because our guide goes in deep to see what odds boosts are, how they function and why they can be good news for your sports bets. So read our guide to see whether you should get any of the FanDuel odds boosts.

✅What are the DraftKings odds boost rules?

We can’t have odds boosts explained without paying close attention to some of the terms and conditions that accompany these deals. So read our guide to see how the rules of deals like the DraftKings odds boost offers could impact how you use these special deals. This means that you’ll be well-placed for seeing whether you should claim these promos or leave them well alone. 

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