Matched Betting USA - Is it Legal in 2022?

Welcome to the best guide to matched betting USA has to offer. Our guide will quickly reveal why matched betting in the US might be a little trickier than you’d think!

We’re here to help you understand what matched betting is, why it’s such a hot topic and to show you how PromoGuy can help boost your bankroll and take a win-win strategy when it comes to betting on your favorite sport with their free betting tips and hand-picked odds boosts!

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Matched betting USA: The basics

So what is matched betting? Simply put, match betting is where you aim to guarantee a profit from betting on a sporting event regardless of what happens. This means that you will have to go to a betting site to bet on something to happen and then bet that the same thing doesn’t happen at a betting exchange.

You would probably have to use some kind of bet calculator to make sure that the odds and stakes involved in these two bets would cancel each other out. In doing so, your bet wouldn’t lose any money, but it would unlock some bonus credit at one of the sportsbooks. You would then be able to use this bonus credit to make real money wins later on. Simple!

Don’t know what a betting exchange is? It’s simply a betting site where you bet against other bettors, rather than the sportsbook itself. It also gives you the option of ‘laying’ a bet. This is where you bet that something won’t happen, and as such, is an essential part of matched betting.


A quick example of matched betting USA sports fans should reach

We realize that matched betting might sound a little complicated, so we thought that we should show you how matched betting works with the following example:

Let’s say that you wanted to bet on the Tennessee Titans and the Indianapolis Colts in the NFL. Here you would go to one sportsbook and back the Titans to win. In doing so, you would unlock some bonus credit that came as part of a welcome bonus that required a qualifying deposit or bet.

Next, you would go to a betting exchange and bet that the Titans wouldn’t win. This means that the game could end up as a Titans win, a Colts win, or even a tie and you wouldn’t lose any money. After all, you had made sure that the odds and stakes between the contrasting bets were balanced.

All of which would leave you with bonus credit without having to risk any of your own cash. You would then be able to use this bonus credit, make further wins, and repeat the whole process.

Why matched betting in the US is not an option 

So the bad news is that you simply cannot try matched betting in the USA. This is because betting exchanges are an integral part of how matched betting works and betting exchanges simply don’t exist in the USA. As a result, you won’t be able to lay the bets that you’d backed to unlock the bonus bet credit.

It looks pretty unlikely that betting exchanges will ever come to the USA. This is because betting exchanges operate by letting bettors bet against each other. As such, any betting exchange will need a large user base which isn’t realistic in US states where the population size is fairly small. Plus you can’t legally bet across state lines which means that we’re not going to see either betting exchanges or matched betting in the US anytime soon.

Further issues to consider with matched betting

Even if matched betting in the US was a reality, it might not be something that you would want to try. Here are two reasons why:

Mathematical know-how

Matched betting requires a fair amount of arithmetic. After all, you need to figure out how to balance the odds, know how much to stake and also factor in the commission of the betting exchange. So it’s probably best avoided unless you’re the kind of person who really, really likes calculators.

Possible ban

You could get banned by a sportsbook if they catch you in the process of matched betting. After all, you’re essentially getting an unfair advantage and the sportsbook would be perfectly valid in banning you.

Top alternatives to matched betting USA sports fans should try 

It looks like you’re not going to be able to try matched betting in the USA for quite some time. Thankfully, this isn’t the only way that you can increase your chances of beating the sportsbooks. Many bettors have found that something called expected value can be an invaluable tool in guiding their bets.

We’ve got a complete guide to EV sports betting here, and it basically means taking advantage of when you think that the sportsbook has got their odds wrong. This means that there is a big difference between what a sportsbook thinks will happen and what you think will happen. It’s a concept that has a lot of complex calculations involving a concept called ‘implied probability’, but for now, let’s just say that the sportsbook got it wrong.

The key thing to remember is that expected value is more a long term strategy than something like matched betting. This is because it’s a strategy that examines how much profit you would make on average. We’ve got a guide here that answers the question of, ‘Is value betting profitable?’ so that you can quickly see why this strategy could work for you.

Conclusion - Come back to the best guide for matched betting USA has right now

We realize that the lack of matched betting options in the USA might be disappointing. But to be honest, it’s not the only way to supercharge your bets on sport. Plus it involves a fair amount of number crunching and could even get you banned from your favorite sportsbook.

Thankfully, we’ve given you some excellent alternatives to matched betting that you can try and get an equally fun way to bet on sport. Remember that we’ll be keeping these guides updated to make sure that you never miss a trick. So be sure to check back here to always get the best alternative to matched betting the USA has to offer!


Matched betting USA FAQ 

🏆Which are the best matched betting sites?

Check out the best guide for matched betting USA has to offer to see what your options are for trying this unique betting strategy. Just remember that things might not be quite as easy as you’d hope. So we’ll make sure that you find some alternatives for sites for all matched betting football fans, hockey enthusiasts, baseball obsessives and basketball devotees will love!

❓How do I try no risk matched betting?

We’ve got a complete guide to no risk matched betting that you can read here. However, we’d recommend that you read the best overview to matched betting the USA has to offer first. This will outline some of the key reasons why any form of matched betting in the USA might be trickier than you think, but we’ll outline some alternatives too. 

✅Is matched betting legal in the USA?

Make sure that you read the best guide to matched betting USA has at the moment where we will outline whether this kind of betting is actually legal in the US. After all, the US has some pretty complicated laws that mean that each individual state has the power to set its own gambling laws. As such, you’ll need to read our guide to see if you can try matched betting in your state.

⚡What are some good matched betting alternatives?

If you want to try matched betting, USA might not be the best place to do it. So we’ve created a handy guide that first of all answers the basic question of, ‘What is matched betting?’ and then outlines some alternatives that you can try to this betting strategy. All of which should help you take your sports betting up a level.

👀Who has the best matched betting New York has to offer?

We couldn’t really come up with the best guide for matched betting USA has right now without seeing how this strategy works in places like New York. So make sure that you read our guide to see if a matched betting strategy is something that you could realistically try in the Empire State, or whether you’d be better off trying another tactic. 

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