How to Bet on CSGO 2021

Welcome to our CSGO betting guide, where we demonstrate how to bet on ‘Counter Strike: Global Offensive’ and review strategies you can employ to capitalise right away! Wondering how to bet on CSGO? You’re in the right place.

Betting should be approached with the same skill and forward thinking that professional CSGO teams employ. If you have experience with the game, as a player or eSports enthusiast, you’ll find it easier to gauge outcomes and develop profitable strategies. However, we still believe this article’s tips will safeguard your interests and finances – even if you’re a pro!

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Five Quick Tips to Instantly Improve your CS:GO Betting.

Learn how to read odds

Before setting out on your esports CSGO betting journey, you should take the time to learn how to read odds. Betting odds represent the likelihood of an event happening and therefore work out how much money you will win if your bet wins. As an example, with odds of 2/1, for every £/€/$1 you bet, you will win £/€/$2. There is a 33% chance of this happening, calculated by 1 / (2 + 1) = 0.33.

However, this probability is informed by a bookmaker’s database which contains a variety of statistics. Instead of betting on blind instinct, or a gut feeling, the goal is to keep more informed and knowledgeable about your chosen games than your bookmaker.

With a multitude of professional eSport teams competing in a plethora of tournaments all year round, the effectiveness of using statistics really depends on how well you know the competitors and what type of bet you are placing. Fundamentals to consider, if betting on a simple Single, as in a straight win bet, placed on a single outcome, would be a teams recent form (usually the past six matches) as well as the head-to-head (H2H) record between sides.

Choose the perfect bookmaker

Once you’ve done your research and feel confident in your decisions, it’s time to choose a bookmaker. There are a handful of things to consider, such as the type of bets available and the promotions on offer, but most importantly you want to find a bookie that’s trustworthy, reputed and offers fair odds.

Reviews, news and terms of service are a good place to start, but ideally you want to find regulated establishments that hold the necessary licenses to protect your interests. For example, if you’re concerned because your bookmaster operates outside of the European Union, where Data Protection Regulations differ, you should search online to ensure that the bookie holds licenses such as an MGA or British Gambling Commission license.

Additionally, it is important to understand the difference between ‘real balance’ and ‘bonus balance’ when reviewing a Bookmaker’s terms. Balance that is awarded as part of a promotion will often have to meet the ‘wagering terms’ before it can ‘roll over’ into real balance. And, even then, it isn’t uncommon for bookmaker payouts to take upto 72 hours and require passport and credit/debit card verification.

Research key parts of play to bet on

As with conventional sports such as Football or Ice Hockey, eSport games come with their own rules of play, but the terminology for associated betting is universal for the most part.

In Counter Strike’s most common tournament set-up, instead of scoring goals, two teams of five compete against the clock to plant or defuse a bomb over 30 rounds. The first team to win sixteen of thirty rounds takes the match. Rounds can also be won by killing all of the opposing team with your purchased weapons. The more proactive a player is – the more money they will earn and the more expansive their arsenal will become – shifting the probability of a win in their favour.

Different bookmakers offer a variety of bets and accumulators. The most common bet is referred to as a Single in which a specific outcome is predicted, but with some establishments, eSports enthusiasts may bet Doubles, Trebles, Accumulators, and more. However, if you’re still reading guides, we recommend starting out small.

Additionally, surrounding tournament play, such as the seasonal European ‘cs_summit’, bookmakers offer promotions to involve fans such as free bets or high stake accumulators so keep your eyes peeled!

Watch extensively before betting

You’ll soon learn that ‘upsets’, or unexpected results, are not uncommon in eSport matches, which is ideal for high stakes play. However, an in-depth understanding of the game’s mechanics are often required to gauge possible outcomes.

With tournaments and competitive matches available to stream at all hours, the complexity of the game’s adopted strategies and intricate tactics can easily be studied. There are also a variety of tutorials alongside historic coverage available on popular streaming services such as YouTube.

The more you watch, the more you’ll learn, and you’ll begin to notice common strategies and techniques utilised across competitive play. Commentators and Castors refer to this as the games ‘meta’ which often shifts and changes dependent on matchups, tournament rules, and new patches.

Live coverage is certainly the best way to stay up to speed with the current state of competitive play and the ‘metagame’ that defines it. Take note on what weapons are being prioritised, how the teams are positioned, and how they approach their objective.

Additionally, commentary and live chat functionality will allow you to become familiar with game-specific terminology. This is a great way to engage with the broader eSports community whilst refining your understanding of the meta.

Play the game

Playing CSGO and engaging with its community first-hand is a practical and engaging way to comprehend and experiment with the strategies you observe. Casual play offers a more comforting pace to hone your skills, but as you begin to understand the game’s maps, mechanics and the conventions of Ranked Play, you’ll begin to understand the mindset of players, the decisions they’re making, and the pressures of their team.

Skilled players may also enter tournaments themselves for a chance to win cash prizes. In fact, most professional Counter Strike teams are composed of veteran players and streamers that frequently maintain high ranks, such as Global Elite, in public ranked play. There also exists, outside of Steam’s ranked tables, third party matchmaking for more refined skill-based matchups. Redbull Gamers even train alongside conventional athletes to ensure they’re at their physical peak for optimal performance. There’s an insane amount of variables to consider!

Counter Strike Global Offensive can be downloaded on PC through Steam.

Esports Bookmakers to Try your CS:GO Strategies

Due to the soaring popularity of eSports and the astounding prize pools professional teams take home, there are a wealth of bookmakers looking to capitalize. However, with the stigma associated with online gambling, it’s hard to know who you can trust outside of ‘big name’ bookies, but often they offer poor odds or lack eSports coverage entirely. Fortunately, we’ve researched and tested a variety of bookmakers in an attempt to find good odds, fair terms and secure payment.

It’s time to put your practice into play.

We’ve prioritised bookmakers that honor their payouts, abide their withdrawal terms, and ensure their customers are informed and gamble aware. They offer a variety of betting options, seasonal offers, and extensive coverage. There’s always something to watch, day and night, but individual game coverage may vary depending on the season’s scheduled tournaments.

Strategies that DON’T pay when betting on CS:GO

When researching online you may come across advanced betting strategies. Whilst some may be of use, it is recommended you research and breakdown the statistical advantages of the suggested strategy before adopting them as your own. Blind faith will do you no good in an arena of chance. 

The ‘martingale system’ and other “loss recovery systems”, are known to be especially damaging and should be avoided entirely. These systems essentially promote the principle of doubling down after a lost bet in order to recuperate your losses. In theory, if you win your doubled bet, you will have recovered your original stake. And yes, technically, the martingale system should return profits over extended periods.

Unfortunately, in practice, the martingale system does not work because of the technical variance and room for ‘upset’ in eSports matches. No matter how perfect your maths is, there is always room for error and chance and although the system seems foolproof, problems inevitably arise after consecutive losses. As an example, we’ll start with a bet of £5. If you lose a string of bets using this amount, your 5th bet (according to the system) would have to be £640. 

To combat poor systems, gamble with a strict balance and aim to grow your bank roll prior to making exuberant bets. Only bet with large amounts when you’ve built it from a smaller pot.

Generally, if a strategy seems too good to be true – it usually is! 

The worst thing you can do when gambling is employ poor strategies as every mistake will cost you money. Think logically, research appropriately and bet with confidence instead of instinct. You want to be making informed decisions that don’t demand incredible amounts of luck.

A good means of testing a strategy and developing your own is to practice with an imaginary bankroll. Place fake bets with friends and work out if they would have yielded a positive or a negative. 

Pre-match Betting Strategies for CS:GO

Single pre-match betting, in which match-outcomes are predicted before they begin,  are especially popular among CSGO enthusiasts. This is generally considered a more casual bet to simply raise your emotional investment in the game without having to keep making adjustments to your bet slip. Alternatively, live betting is an option, but this is often preferred by more experienced betters that are confident reading the game as it unfolds.

Most bookmakers will list their odds online several days prior to the scheduled event. You should have ample time to research the competitors, their recent form, H2H and any additional statistics you believe will inform your strategy.

Then, in order to keep your funds in order, you should have a dedicated betting balance, separate from your personal account. This is often the case on betting sites in which you credit your account. Monitor your balance and keep track of your wins and losses to ensure you stay above your initial deposit.

‘Proportional staking’ is a strategy in which you work with percentages to ensure you regulate your play and have plenty of opportunity at smaller, safer prizes. The goal is to make your play as low-risk as possible with multiple small bets in order to garner long term rewards. The strategy is easy to monitor as you simply need to maintain and stay above your initial deposit. 

First you must set a percentage of your total bank. If you have £10, you might choose to bet 10% each time so that you can make a series of ten £1 bets. The simple concept here is that betting on multiple matches yields more chances to win instead of putting everything into an expensive Single. This method is especially useful for beginners as it makes it more difficult to burn through your bank and gives you more opportunity to $learn and experiment with new strategies. The lower your stake %, the more stable your profit will be. However, a larger stake % will result in a more volatile return.

Strategies often focus on specific statistics to predict outcomes. However it is also worth taking advantage of the broader eSports community, in the sense that most professional gamers are well connected online with their own social media and streaming platforms. Keeping track of their career and ELO will ensure that you are informed about team composition, potential absences and morale.

ELO is a hidden statistic that is used by matchmaking systems to match similarly ranked players. Monitoring individual performances and gauging the efficiency of teams with websites such as CS:GO Stats is an intuitive approach to explore as part of your Pre-Match strategy.

Live-betting strategy for CS:GO

Betting on live games in a more proactive way of engaging with a match. Generally stakes are higher and fluctuate throughout as the timer runs. For example, if a team is struggling and the odds are against them, you may still believe they hold an advantage and wish to seize the opportunity to side with the underdogs. The decision, because it is presumed they are likely to lose, is considered a higher risk and would yield a higher reward. However, you will notice that a large number of markets (bet types) will be unavailable once the game begins.

In Counter Strike, live betting is predominantly undertaken on a round-by-round basis. Once a round is complete, odds fluctuate and once another begins bets are locked. This is notably one of the more profitable ways of betting on CSGO when you are well acquainted with the sport.

When it comes to reading the game at hand and assessing the likelihood of odds playing in your favor, there are a variety of factors to consider. Popular strategies include monitoring the in-game currency that players are rewarded for their performance. For example, when a player kills a member of the opposing team, they are rewarded hundreds of dollars in-game which can be used to purchase more powerful weaponry. $16,000 is the maximum amount of money a player can hold between rounds, so numbers upwards $7500 will usually result in the purchase of advantageous weapons.

Whichever team has earned the most money will technically be better equipped, however certain gun match-ups play like rock, paper, scissors so a good technical understanding of the weapons being employed in the field could also inform your decisions. Alternatively, if you notice a player saving for something especially deadly, you may see an opportunity for potential upset and a bet in your favor.

Similarly, Punters will be reading the tactics that teams employ concerning map positioning and their weapon presence respectively. This is especially useful for betting on live play. If players repeatedly rush or guard specific routes, one player may be holding an angle with a more range appropriate weapon.

We would recommend live-betting for more experienced players or enthusiasts with strong critical thinking skills. The pace is often fast and unforgiving, so keeping your senses and being on top of your calculations is especially important.

You can explore’s live betting below:

Key takeaways — 5 tips to improve your CS:GO strategy

Ultimately, the goal is to build a strategy that is informed and well calculated, whilst paying close attention to your subsequent wins and losses. Try to keep above your initial deposit and regulate your play. Introduce rules for yourself and stick to them: how much to bet, what statistics to use, when to withdraw, and how much you’ll roll over.

  • Before you even begin betting, find a bookmaker that is right for you. Somewhere that you know can be trusted and has responsive and considerate customer service. Reviews are a good place to start, but acquaint yourself with terms of service, look up bookmakers online and search for the appropriate licenses for peace of mind.
  • Be conservative with your efforts and allow yourself time to develop your understanding of the game. Counter Strike is almost a decade old and a variety of intricate strategies have developed over the years. The player base and the meta is ever-changing and still evolving. Pay close attention and stay up to date with your favourite teams to ensure you’re betting with confidence instead of blind faith.
  • Whether you’re refining your understanding in-game or watching live eSports, practice makes perfect. Make some calculated estimations with friends and discuss the competitors in play. Refine your game knowledge and affiliate yourself with statistical breakdowns to inform your strategy. When you think you have developed a winning strategy, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is.
  • Make sure you can read odds and consider the likelihood of your bets winning. Additionally, measure the risk and reward factor that specific bets offer prior to investing. Success is a balancing act and keeping a cool head is key. 
  • Keep an eye out for tournament promotions. Usually ‘bonus’ bets are offered in which your initial deposit is matched for use on a one off high-risk accumulator. Although wagering terms must be met in order to ‘roll over’ this amount and withdraw it, the opportunity offers informed enthusiasts a chance at amazing odds with relatively small risk. Alternatively, this is a great opportunity to test the water and stretch your initial deposit as far as possible.

CSGO Betting Guide FAQ

⚖️ Is CSGO betting legit?

eSports betting and CSGO betting is a perfectly legal practice, although there are many offshore eSports betting sites that are not moderated by the relevant UK, CA, or EU authorities. We recommend exercising caution before depositing or entering your personal details.

If you are looking for a safe, secure, and regulated bookmaker, then’s betting module is an excellent place to find CSGO betting odds today.

🤔 Which online gambling site is the best for CSGO betting?

If you’re looking for a new bookmaker, or just starting out,’s betting module is a welcome addition that is secure and regulated. The application’s core functionality connects you to the broader eSports community, allowing you to follow your favourite teams and competitors as well as offering statistics and insider info concerning their recent form.

💵 How does Live Betting work in CSGO?

You can fin detailed differences between live and pre-match betting right here in the betting guides at

🔥 What are the best CSGO betting strategies?

Here at Strafe our team of veteran punters and gambling experts have assembled and curated a collection of professional eSports betting tips and strategies. We aim to break down the jargon into quick, easy steps that will improve your play style and deepen your understanding!

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