CSGO Ranking System: How does it work?

Everything you need to know about CSGO MMR!

No matter if you are an online eSports bettor or simply a CSGO player, one of the most important aspects of the game is the ranking. You’ll need to understand the CSGO ranking system to get a true grasp of understanding the game.

Before the introduction of CSGO ranks, matches and teams were chaotic in a sense that you would often face much better or worse players. Well, these days, CSGO ranking does the job of making things much fairer. It can help you face players of your level for more exciting matches, and we'll lead you through it!

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The meaning of Rank in CSGO

Your CSGO rank has several purposes in both making the matches more intense and giving that add excitement to the game. Of course, you'll want to rank as high as possible, but not before we lead you through the essentials.

So, how does CSGO ranking work? Well, every player starts with an initial rank based on the starting results of the matches. Since there are so many CSGO enthusiasts all around the world, it seems natural that the ranks are divided by divisions depending on your gaming level.

If you’ve read our bookmaker reviews, you could see that ranking even matters when it comes to betting on CSGO. The meaning of CSGO rank is to help the players find other CSGO enthusiasts for playing matches on the same level.

CSGO rank determines your level of gaming, and it can prevent you from facing much better players in a match. It also goes the other way around, as the best way to get better at the game is to play challenging matches with people of your rank.

Getting the starting CSGO rank

To understand how the CSGO world ranking works, you first need to know about getting your first rank in the game. As soon as you start playing ranked matches, your rank will depend on the results of the first 10 matches.

More precisely, once you accumulate 10 wins, your rank will be awarded based on your overall gaming performance in the matches. At the start, you can only play up to 2 matches per day, so it may take some time before you get your first ranking.

After this breaking point, you’ll get your first CSGO rank and you’ll get the chance to play more events daily. The CSGO ranking system further develops into 4 divisions, out of which all the divisions come with several ranking levels.

At first, you can expect to be ranked among the lower levels, but if you keep your performance boosted, you can climb the ladder of CSGO ranks quite fast.

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CSGO Ranks and Divisions Explained

Our team always makes sure to keep you updated with the latest eSports info. So, along with the best sign-up offers for eSports betting sites, we’ll also explain the essentials of the best eSports games! Of course, the CSGO ranking system makes one of the most important game features, so let’s get into the ranks swiftly!

So, there’s a total of 4 CSGO ranking divisions that consist of numerous individual ranks:

  • Silver rank division
  • Gold Nova division
  • Master Guardian
  • Elite division

As a new player that just started playing ranked matches, you’ll usually get into the lower levels of the silver division. The silver division includes 6 ranks – Silver I, Silver II, Silver III, Silver IV, Silver Elite, and Silver Elite Master.

The Gold Nova level comes with 4 ranks, them being Gold Nova I, Gold Nova II, Gold Nova III, and Gold Nova Master. As you reach the highest levels of CSGO rank in the game, you’ll approach the Master Guardian levels.

The Master Guardian ranks include Master Guardian I, Master Guardian II, Master Guardian Elite, and Distinguished Master Guardian.

Reaching the top of the pyramid

You might be wondering what the highest levels in the CSGO ranking systems are like. Well, the CSGO world ranking enables the best players to reach one of the final ranks in the game. These ranks are extremely hard to advance from further, so only elite players will claim them.

Here are the top levels of CSGO ranks in the game:

  • Legendary Eagle
  • Legendary Eagle Master
  • Supreme Master First Class
  • Global Elite

So, everything ends here with the Global Elite rank, which is the highest possible CSGO level. Not only can you benefit as a CSGO player from reaching the top ranks, but the bettors can use this info as well! The best eSports betting odds on events that include Global Elite players are often the best to bet on.

How to Rank Higher the Best Way?

In the CSGO ranking system, it takes some time before you can proceed from the Silver ranks to the Gold Nova and Master Guardian levels. However, our team can help you as we’ll use the latest news on eSports to show you how to rank higher!

  1. Get to know your weapon – You can’t rank higher in CSGO if you don’t use your weapon properly. Every type of CSGO weapon has different shooting properties, so you might want to get used to it.
  2. Team play is important – To rank higher in CSGO, you’ll need to win matches, and to do that – teamwork matters. Learn how to play in teams and how to assemble simple CSGO strategies.
  3. Track the map movements – If you wish to advance swiftly, you’ll need to frequently check the map. You might want to consider doing it a few times whenever you spot some action.

Of course, there are many other tips, but these are the essential ways of ranking higher in CSGO. Make sure to follow our latest CSGO news to keep improving your game, or to check out the best betting guides if you’re a CSGO bettor!

Final Thoughts on CSGO ranking system

CSGO ranking can be confusing to new players, so our team of experts could hopefully help you get to know the ranking system a bit better. With all the new pieces of info you’re equipped with, you should have no problem climbing the CSGO ranks as fast as possible.

Make sure to keep the focus on team play to win as many ranked matches as possible. After all, it surely takes some time to reach the Master and Elite levels, but doing so in the company of valuable comrades is much easier.

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