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Best Online Poker Apps 2022

Welcome to our best online poker app review! Throughout we’ll discuss everything you need to know, particularly how to find the perfect poker app for beginners. This includes how to bet on poker, how to choose the online poker apps that best suit your needs, and how to take advantage of poker promotions.

If you’ve just realised you’re in the wrong place, you may want to take a look at the best apps for other betting options. How about reading our reviews dedicated to the best soccer betting app or the best eSports betting apps.

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A Brief Guide On Bet Types

You’ve seen our list of the best online poker apps currently available to you. There’s no doubt that some will suit your specific requirements more than others. Make sure you do your research by looking at all of the features of each poker app in our list. This is the best way to figure out the best app(s) for you.

Before we discuss how you can decide on the online poker apps that you’d like to commit to, let’s go through exactly how to place your poker bets - specifically the different poker bet types you’ll need to know, as well as anything to consider when making your poker bets. We’ll start with the most common bet types:

Donk Bet 

In poker, you’ll usually bet low or check when another player bets aggressively pre-flop. A ‘donk bet’ is when you bet into the raiser instead.

Continuation Bet (C-Bet)

One of the most common poker betting types: if you find yourself raising before the flop, a ‘continuation bet’ is when you continue to make your hand look strong by further betting post-flop. It puts more pressure on the other players in order to make them fold early, regardless of the strength of anyone’s hand.


Mathematics is essential in poker. When making your poker bet, you should size up the pot; the higher the pot, the more you should bet on your hand. Overbetting is when your bet is higher than what’s already on the table.


As with overbetting, underbetting consists of figuring out how much is in the pot and betting accordingly. Betting less than half the pot is a good way to build it gradually without putting too much pressure on the other players, particularly when you have a great hand.

Three Bet (Re-Raise)

When another player raises and then you re-raise, it’s called a three bet. This can happen either pre-flop or later. Three betting shows confidence, as you’re clearly willing to commit more funds than the last player.

Value Bet

Poker betting has two types: aiming to force other players to fold by bluffing or betting on a strong hand in the hope the other players will call. Value betting is when you bet on a strong hand.

Pot Bet

A pot bet is when you wager the exact amount of chips that are already in the middle.

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What to Keep in Mind When You Make Your Poker Bets

Ranges Over Hands

Don’t just pay attention to your specific hand, instead focus on ranges. Basically, consider all of the possible hands. One of the other players may have a flush, a straight, a three of a kind, a pair, a high card, or maybe they’re just bluffing. Pay attention - and not just to your own hand.

Don’t Get Drawn in By a Specific Hand

We all have a certain hand that makes our eyes light up. But don’t get caught up when you get your favorite hand. You should play the odds and learn the maths. As with our first tip, we recommend that you focus on ranges rather than hands.

Keep to a Consistent Strategy

Poker can turn into a game of endurance. Don’t alter your strategy just because you’ve lost patience or concentration. It’s easy to become bored - but that’s the quickest way to defeat. Every hand, every session counts, so act like it! So stick to your strategy, no matter what the results of each hand and how the overall game progresses.

If You’re Going to Break Your Consistent Strategy, Make Sure There’s a Reason

If you notice that the table is playing passively, or there are a few recreational players in the blinds, you may find it beneficial to alter your strategy in order to shake things up. When you believe it’s a profitable move, then don’t hesitate.

Know When to Fold

Just because you get a pair of aces doesn’t mean that you have the winning hand. Remember, it’s all about probability. Don’t get attached to a hand that looks good.

Know Your Opponents

Poker is about beating people. Therefore you want to make sure that you’re not the worst player on the table. If you’re the worst player, then why waste your money? It’s better to find a table that you feel you can win at.

So you should now understand what you need to consider when making your poker bets. If you’ve since realised that poker betting isn’t your cup of tea, it may be worth checking out our reviews on the best betting app for real money.

The Advantages of Using Apps

The best thing about using online poker apps when compared to using the desktop site, or going all the way to a physical location, is simple: convenience. Your favorite bookmaker is literally in your pocket. So no matter where you are - as long as you have Wi-Fi or cell service, of course - you put bets on and even cash out on in-play. You don’t need to be stuck to your desk, and you don’t need to travel to your nearest casino / bookmaker. You can do it on your phone!

Let’s say you’re stuck in traffic and you’re desperate to place a wager while you can, or perhaps you’re out and about and someone gives you a betting tip. With an app, you don’t have to rush or panic when it comes to placing your bets on time. Better yet, you can also check in-play statistics at any time. Simple!

For those of you using android devices, take a look at our review on the best android betting apps.

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Five Things to Ask Yourself When Choosing the Best Online Poker App For You

Have You Checked the Market Prices and Odds Margins?

Finding the online poker apps that have the best odds is obviously beneficial - higher odds mean bigger profits. Let’s say you win at odds of +440, then later you notice that another app had odds of +480 for the same outcome. In that case, it’d make sense if you’d think that you lost out on the extra winnings.

You should also look at the average odds margins that an app offers. You see, online betting sites give you odds that are lower than the actual probability of a result. That’s what is called “the juice”, or “vig”. It’s how online betting sites make a profit regardless of the outcome of the bet. The higher the average odds margins, the more an online betting site profits, but then the less you win.

Have You Looked at the Available Bonus Offers?

Every online betting site has a few different promotions that you can take advantage of. The majority can be activated by using the app. As one of the most popular betting options, there are loads of poker promotions, so you should research all of the best online poker apps first.

How is the Operator’s Betting Coverage?

Betting coverage is dependent on the specific online betting site. Think about online poker betting, one of the most popular betting options in the world. Some apps have fewer poker betting options than others. You need to confirm that your chosen poker app has as many tables, whether live tables or not, to suit your needs.

You’ll also want to make sure that all of the website’s poker betting options are also available on the app.

Is the Operator Fully Licensed and Legit?

It’s commonly known that there are scam bookies out there looking to scam online bettors out of their hard-earned cash - as much as they can - before word gets around. So it’s crucial that you make sure that your chosen online poker apps are fully licensed and legit.

Does the Operator Accept Your Preferred Payment Methods?

We all have certain preferences when it comes to the payment methods that we use. You might prefer credit or debit cards, eWallets, prepaid cards, cryptocurrency, whatever. No matter what your preference is, you need to make sure that your chosen online betting site accepts the payment method you go for.

Remember, not every poker app allows for deposits and withdrawals, so if you’re not planning on using the desktop site at all, this may severely limit your options regarding the  best online poker app.

Five Ways on Taking Advantage of the Available Bonus Offers on the Online Poker Apps You Choose

Research Before Making a Commitment

As we’ve said, there are many promotions available for you. Each and every bonus offer is unique, and some are better than others. Therefore you shouldn’t just settle for the first offer you find. Instead, you should do your research, because you’re more likely to find other offers that are just as good if not better.

If Poker is Your Thing, Don’t Waste Your Time on Something Else

Let’s say you’re a fan of poker betting. Well, we assume you are, as you’re reading this review of the best online poker apps.

Poker is likely the betting option that you know best. In that case, you may come across a very enticing promotion that is directed towards sports or casino betting.

If you don’t have knowledge or experience betting in sports or casino, chances are you’ll end up hurting your account balance rather than helping it. So you should follow our first piece of advice and research promotions that are just as enticing but suit your needs better.

Terms & Conditions!

Read the terms & conditions of every bonus offer you’re looking at. That’s where all of the bonus requirements are! Wagering requirements, minimum deposits, time limits, qualifying odds, bonus codes, eligible payment methods and more.

You’ll come across wagering requirements most often. ‘Wagering requirements’ mean the amount of your own money that you need to put in before you can take out any winnings you earned from the bonus money you received.

Wagering requirements are a multiple of the bonus amount, or else a multiple of the bonus plus the deposit amount. The lower the wagering requirements are, the lower the amount you have to invest, which means the more beneficial the promotion. Wagering requirements on average are around 35x, but they can be as high as 75x. Although rare, we have also seen them as low as 1x!

Fulfil the Bonus Requirements

You need to fulfil every bonus requirement. Otherwise, the bonus amount and your subsequent winnings will be forfeited. If so, the only thing you’ve achieved by activating the bonus is wasting your time, effort and hard-earned money.

Don’t Rush Into Anything

It’s likely you’ll find yourself far from fulfilling the wagering requirements with only a little time left before your promotion runs out. If that happens, all of your bonus-related funds will be forfeited.

If that happens, it may seem like your only option is to bet on a lot of high-stakes outcomes. But be aware: doing that will only lead to unnecessary losses.

If your time limit is finished and you’ve actually lost money, then what was the point in committing to a promotion? You may as well have not bothered. You should take your time, research thoroughly, and definitely don’t rush into anything.

Lastly, remember that the time limit starts when you activate the bonus. That’s when  you make your first eligible deposit or bet, or when you opt in. So before you do any of those things, spend your time figuring out a betting strategy.

It’s Time to Choose the Best Online Poker Apps For You!

Now you know the essentials of betting on poker, from the different bet types to everything you need to keep in mind when making your poker bets. You should also have a better understanding of how to choose between our suggestions for the best online poker app, plus how you can take advantage of any available bonus offers. All you have to do now is download the app(s) and start betting!

However, if after reading our poker app reviews, you’ve decided that poker betting just isn’t for you, then you will probably be better off reading our review on different betting options. We suggest the best betting app for UFC.

Online Poker Apps FAQ

🌟 Which is the best online poker app on the market?

Poker is one of the most popular betting options worldwide, particularly in the US. And there are a lot of betting sites on the market with apps that you can download to your iOS or Android device. So it’s more than just which app looks best, but which feels best for your needs. If you need help choosing which app(s) you find most beneficial, you should look at our poker app reviews.

♣️ What should I consider before making a poker bet?

There are a couple of different factors that you should consider with poker betting. There are different bet types and things to consider before making your bet. All of the details you need to know can be found via our dedicated online poker apps review.

💲How can I take advantage of the available bonus offers available on any online poker apps I sign up to?

Every online betting site has a few different bonus offers that you can take advantage of. You can activate the majority via the dedicated app. As one of the most popular betting options, there are many poker promotions. So you should make sure to do your research to find the best online poker app. Lastly, for the options we consider the best, as well as how you can make the most of your chosen bonus offers, take a look at our poker app reviews.


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