What dreams are made of! Best Fantasy Sports Apps 2021

Fantasy Betting apps

Betting on fantasy sports is a relatively new development in the betting industry - perhaps you haven't even heard of it yet. But don't worry, today is your lucky day! We at Strafe.com know the ins and outs of the fantasy sports betting industry. We shall help you understand the possibilities in this exciting betting niche.

If you're already familiar with fantasy betting, we also have good news for you. We’ve done some research to find out the top fantasy sports betting apps in 2021 for you. These apps will give you the best betting experience.

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What are Fantasy Sports?

"Fantasy Sports" is a term that comes up again and again on sports websites on the internet. There are sites like the NFL, for example, that have their own field for it. Fantasy sports, also known as a “rotisserie”, are a real phenomenon with a lot of money. 

With fantasy sports, the player takes on the role of a team manager. Like with eSports betting apps, you play for real money with fantasy sports apps and use real player statistics to create imaginary teams that you can bet on. 

It is only about concrete numbers, for example, how far a player has run in a game. Based on these real performances, points are evaluated within the respective fantasy league.

A league administrator evaluates the point systems, and a winner is determined, either at the end of the season or at the end of a game day. The evaluation at the end of the game day is much more popular.

You can play within a circle of friends or in the many professionally organized online leagues. The concept can be applied to all kinds of sports, such as football, baseball, etc.

A lot of people around the world play fantasy sports. Those who enjoy playing fantasy sports regularly can track their virtual team's performance through either a browser or mobile apps and choose whether to compete among strangers or people they know.

Both options have their advantages, of course, and only you can decide which one is better for you.

What is Fantasy Betting?

Like live bets, fantasy bets that you can play online will let you have players without spending millions of dollars, and you will earn money through these players.

Fantasy betting has also become a highly demanded branch in some gambling sites where games such as live betting and casinos are played. If you are also interested in this field, you can easily start earning by opening a membership on one of these sites and playing from the comfort of your mobile phone.

How to Play Fantasy Betting

Each of these gambling sites where you get membership has its own rules, but let's talk about the rules more generally.

Whether you play by joining the established leagues or open a league with your own group of friends and play together, you have a budget (usually around 100 million dollars) at the beginning, and you form a team with the players in the league you choose.

You can place fantasy bets on football and games such as basketball, baseball, and hockey. While betting, you evaluate the matches to be played on a day-to-day basis, not week by week. In other words, instead of creating squads from those teams that have a match that week, you create a squad from those teams who have a match that day.

You earn points according to the actual performance of your players in the team you create, and your earnings are determined according to these points.

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What are The Best Fantasy Sports Betting Apps?

Fantasy sports seem to become more popular with each passing year. There are always new formats, new people get interested for the first time, and of course, new and updated apps to play with.

Find out more about betting apps with free sign-up bet. You may just find the most exciting app ever!

Choosing favorites, at least in part, depends on personal preferences. As an overview of popular options, here are our picks of the best fantasy sports betting apps.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports Betting App

The Yahoo Fantasy App is perhaps the most comprehensive app for all fantasy sports. While ESPN can be expected to govern the category (as well as overall sports coverage), Yahoo is considered to be on the same level.

Both apps are cited for their fantasy rankings in pre-season coverage for leagues, as a matter of news. The Yahoo Fantasy app covers football, baseball, fantasy, and hockey and has its daily fantasy and pick'em games (in which people can play for real money without violating anti-gambling laws in most states).

We found that it's the intuitive design of the app that tends to appeal to users. Above all, the ability to switch between your teams, even across different sports, is effortless.

ESPN Fantasy Sports Betting App

While Yahoo is on ESPN's level when it comes to fantasy apps, the ESPN Fantasy Sports app is very much in the conversation about the best option available on the market.

Recently redesigned, it's a robust and beautiful mobile tool that handles league management in the same sports that Yahoo covers. ESPN Fantasy Sports does not have its own daily fantasy game but does have pick'em style games and is also home to ESPN's popular "Streak" game. 

Users look to predict results in multiple sports (sometimes multiple times in a single day) and make enough consecutive correct calls to win cash prizes in this free game.

DraftKings Fantasy Sports Betting App

DraftKings is one of the top daily fantasy sports apps. It doesn't include regular fantasy sports throughout the season but seemingly countless daily and weekly contests on a wide variety of sports and events (including golf, tennis, and even eSports).

In addition, with sports betting becoming more widely legalized, DraftKings now has its own full sportsbook for users in areas where it is allowed. It is already among these apps offering odds on the NFL (the most popular sport for fantasy players) and will likely only expand its stakes in the near future.

FanDuel Fantasy Sports Betting App

FanDuel is almost an exact counterpart to DraftKings, down to the fact that it is also slowly launching a sportsbook. It has a similar variety of sports and contests, even though minor details differ between the two apps.

Both are excellent, and what people prefer in this case seems to come down almost entirely to personal preference. For us, while DraftKings can with a little more name recognition, FanDuel might, by a small margin, be the most enjoyable app to use.

DRAFT Fantasy Sports Betting App

DRAFT is another app from FanDuel, but it works differently. It's another fantasy diary app, as opposed to a season-long app. But where other daily apps like DraftKings and FanDuel allow players to pick lists of players with an artificial salary cap, DRAFT runs constant "snake drafts" that more closely mimic the way many people pick teams in the seasons leagues.

With a salary cap, players need to budget carefully and choose players whose artificial salaries, when combined, do not exceed the allowable total – but users competing in the same contest can have the same players. In a snake draft, there are no salaries, and users simply pick players from the board together in real-time, with no duplicates.

Premier League – Official App

While there are other apps that include fantasy football at this time, it is generally not a sport associated so closely with fantasy sports – at least not by the large American audiences who were typically introduced to fantasy through baseball or football.

That said, many love the idea of ​​forming fantasy teams from the popular Premier League internationally – the top division of English football. The official Premier League app is the primary mobile tool for monitoring all things league-related, but it has also become a hub for the fantasy football of the season.

Sleeper Fantasy Sports Betting App

It's still hard to say much about the Sleeper, but the concept is worth this list. Trying to challenge Yahoo and ESPN for fantasy football supremacy, this startup-driven app uses a female design team to present a fantasy option that appeals to women and people who've never played fantasy sports. 

As simple as this idea is, it is also revolutionary in the world of fantasy sports and seems to be working very well. Sleeper is a fun fantasy football app complete with significant funding and strong reviews.

Learn more about the best betting apps for football on our list.

Since the primary source of fantasy sports is the US, fantasy sports bets can be made for most common sports in America. Of course, the most preferred among these sports is fantasy football. 

In addition, fantasy bets can be made for the NBA league, which is also very popular in the country. If you have interest and knowledge, you can bet on fantasy sports on American football, Nascar, golf, eSports, baseball, hockey, and similar branches.

Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is an online football game where millions of people have the experience of being a coach. It is the most played among fantasy sports. If you want to have a team that you can sit at home and manage from your phone, tablet, or computer, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

In the game where you set up a team from the players of that league with the budget given to you at the beginning of the game in different leagues, you earn points according to the performance of the players in your team that week. The points you earn are returned to you as mouth-watering cash prizes at the end of the league.

How to Play Fantasy Soccer?

You can get 15 players within the budget given to you by choosing any team from the Leagues of the betting sites. Two of them should be goalkeepers, five should be defenders, five should be midfielders, and three should be forwards. Of the players you have, you must establish the top ten who will most likely play that week.

If a soccer player you have registered in the starting eleven does not play that week, one of the substitutes is automatically substituted. You earn extra points in cases such as goals scored by your players, assists made, or closing your goal in that match.

Transferring In-Game

You can also transfer within the game and reinforce your team with the players you want in accordance with your budget. Of course, there are certain conditions for this. These conditions are:

  • You can make as many transfers as you want before the first week starts.
  • You only have one transfer right after the matches have started.
  • If you want to make multiple transfers, your four points per transfer will be forfeited.
  • If you do not want to transfer in any week, you can use this right for the next week. But you cannot transfer this right two weeks in a row.
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Prices of Players

The prices of the players in the game increase in direct proportion to the offers given during the transfer season or match weeks. So the more a player wants to be bought, the more expensive it becomes.

If the players you want to sell are worth a higher value than when you bought them, you will receive an additional fee of half the difference in increase. For example, if a player you bought by paying $10 million goes on sale for $12 million, half of the increase, $1 million, will be credited to your account. So you make a total of $11 million from this sale.


Some bonuses given to you in the game allow you to earn points more easily. These bonuses are:

  • Free Hit: Thanks to this bonus, you have the right to transfer as many times as you want in any of the match weeks. But this bonus is only valid for the week you use it. The bookmaker will restore the transfers you made the following week.
  • Bench Boost: Like Free Hit, this bonus is only valid for the week it is used and allows your substitute players to earn points that week.
  • Triple Captain: Your captain, who earns twice the points he should earn under normal conditions, gets three times when this bonus is used.

In addition to these, there is a bonus called “wildcard.” You can use this bonus twice, once until December 29 and once after this date. This bonus, which shows its effect permanently, gives you unlimited transfer rights.

Fantasy Car Racing

Fantasy car racing is a kind of fantasy sports game based on motorsports. Competitors, also known as the fantasy team owners, earn points based on their actual race results.

The points determined by the actual race results of the players are written into a list to determine the weekly, periodic, and championship winners. The game can be played for free and by betting.

Fantasy Basketball

Fantasy basketball is a virtual game that became very popular in the 1990s after the internet came into being.

You take on the role of general managers of fantasy teams they create while preparing real National Basketball Association (NBA) players based primarily on basketball statistics.

Fantasy Cricket

This is another game of the fantasy sports genre. It is a game in which a virtual cricket team is created from real-life players. The players' performances in the virtual team and the points they earn depend on the performances and scores of the real-life players in the games they play.

Players who want to be victorious in the tournament must have the highest scores and a place on the leader board.

Fantasy Golf

Fantasy golf is a virtual game where each participant collects a team of real-life golfers and then scores points based on their performance in real golf tournaments.

Do you have a knack for golf? Find out more about the best betting apps for golf that are out there.

Fantasy Ice Hockey

Fantasy ice hockey is a type of virtual sport in which professional hockey players or teams form a team that competes with other players doing the same based on statistics produced.

If you wonder whether fantasy sports betting is legal in the US or not, we have good news for you!

You will be glad to know that the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 was set up to protect customers and prevent unlawful online gambling activities, precisely excluding fantasy sports betting. This means that under federal law, fantasy sports betting is not considered online gambling.

According to federal laws, fantasy sports betting is a game of skill and not chance, as it is with other online gambling activities. Therefore, fantasy sports betting is allowed, but you are prohibited from betting on a single game or player.

Even though federal law allows fantasy sports betting, state law may ban the activity. State laws relating to fantasy sports betting could vary from consumer protection to regulations or even outright ban. Fantasy sports betting is prohibited in some states due to state laws.

Before attempting to use your favorite fantasy sports betting app, ensure you review and understand the state rules regarding fantasy sports betting before getting involved. You don’t want severe legal issues as a result of your hobby.

Conclusion: Bring Your Fantasies to Life With the Best Fantasy Sports Apps

As far as sports betting is concerned, there is nothing more exciting than bringing your sports betting fantasies to life.

Like horse racing betting apps, the apps we mentioned above will keep you engaged throughout the sports season as you bring your sports fantasies to fruition. The features in the apps are pretty similar, except for a few unique features that define their differences. That is why we recommend you try all of them to determine which will suit you.

We also found that all the apps are friendly to new users. If you are testing the waters of fantasy sports, we urge you to dive in as these apps offer a superb user experience, and you will find them very easy to use.

In addition, these fantasy betting apps are also packed with advanced betting features that pro users will find satisfying and engaging. No matter your level of expertise, the fantasy sports betting apps we listed here have got you covered.

Fantasy betting on iPhone or Android has never been more exciting!

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Fantasy Sports Apps FAQ

📱Can I play fantasy sports from my mobile device?

Yes, you can play fantasy sports from your mobile device. Every single fantasy sports betting app we mentioned works perfectly well with tablets and smartphones. You can also access the bookmaker's sites on your mobile web browsers as they are highly optimized for that purpose. You can use these fantasy bettings apps to register, enter contests, deposit funds, and withdraw earnings.

🔓Are fantasy sports legal in the US?

Yes, fantasy sports are 100% legal in the US. For all that it’s worth, several US states consider fantasy sports not as a game of chance but that of skill and expertise. As a matter of fact, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006, which is a pain in the you-know-what for the gambling industry, does not include fantasy sports in its list of banned games. Fantasy sports are legal and don’t necessarily require gambling licenses to operate.

💰Is it safe to bet fantasy sports for real money?

Yes, it is safe to bet fantasy sports for real money. The fantasy sports betting apps we recommended are legal, safe, and secure. Most of them utilize the latest encryption technologies and firewalls to protect users. They also utilize payment methods that are very reliable and safe, such as credit cards, bank transfers, and reputable e-wallets.

🆓Are fantasy sports available for free?

The fantasy sports betting apps we recommend offer free as well as paid games. If you are a beginner, you have the opportunity to learn the ropes of the game without putting your hard-earned money at risk. However, these fantasy sports betting apps continue to encourage bettors to play for real money, which is the primary requirement to win real cash.

🎯What happens if a sports event gets canceled or postponed?

The outcome of a sports event being postponed depends on the league and the sports. For example, in the National Football League (NFL) contests, you will be awarded some points for all the postponed games that were played on Wednesday and earlier. As for Major League Baseball (MLB) contests, you will be awarded points only for a game rescheduled for another time on the same day.

The fantasy sports website will cancel the contest and refund your money if all but one of the games in the contests are canceled or postponed.

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