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Play War Thunder online for free on PC & Mac: Review, Gameplay & Costs 2024

Publish Date:31/07/2023

War Thunder Guide & Gameplay - Is it free to play?

Given how blown away we were on our first try, it was only a matter of time before we wrote our War Thunder review. In this article, we'll be exploring this MMORPG browser game and all the important details.

If you love history and have a taste for adventure and combat games, few options are as satisfying and well-crafted than War Thunder. The game requires no download and has an easy learning curve that any player can adapt to. It's easily one of our favourites at the moment, and we can't wait to share why.

Pro and Con
  • Multiple game modes for different players and experiences
  • Available on multiple platforms
  • Loads of tanks and aircrafts
  • Picturesque locations and beautiful music
  • Tank warfare can be generic
War Thunder
⭐️ Rating 4.5/5 💵 Genre MMO, Action, Simulation
💳 Cost Free-to-play 🚀 Topic Tanks, Fighter jets, Warships
🕹️ First founded November 2012 Developer Gaijin Entertainment
🔒 App Yes 📱 Devices PC & Mobile

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Is War Thunder free-to-play?

War Thunder (4.5/5 ⭐️)
  • Tanks, Fighter jets, Warships
  • Realistic Maps
  • War Simulation
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War Thunder costs nothing to acquire. You need not even download or install anything. Even better, you can go the entire game and not spend a dime.

Sure, there are in-game microtransactions to help speed things along. But you are in no way compelled to make purchases to progress or enjoy the game. In fact, the assets you buy aren't guaranteed that you will win or suddenly fight better.

Your premium T72 tank won't mop the floor with your enemies immediately when you jump back into the game. In fact, you are more likely to get your first taste of defeat against a more tactical opponent who has refined their skill for taking down such equipment. The microtransactions are a very optional part of the game and aren't necessary for accessing maps, main game content, updates, or even game modes.

A look through the ages: War Thunder as we know it

Before War Thunder became this massive multiplayer title, it had relatively humble beginnings as a flight simulator with around 200 planes, chucking players into world war biplanes. The earliest system was XP based, so players were encouraged to play their way up to better equipment and eras, such as the WW2 & Late WW2 propeller planes and the jets of the Cold War era.

The game was further broken into three different modes to accommodate player skill set, style, and needs.

🕹️ Arcade mode

Survival demands resourcefulness. From gathering wood for shelter to mining precious ores for crafting, every resource plays a crucial role in your journey.

🌐 Simulation mode

As an exile, you'll need to hone your crafting skills to create weapons, armor, and tools. Crafting is the key to strengthening yourself for battles and challenges ahead.  Create formidable weapons and armor to defend yourself against formidable foes and conquer the challenges that await. Your crafting skills will be your greatest asset in the battle for redemption.

🗺️ Realistic mode

The Shadowlands hold many secrets. Explore its dark corners to uncover hidden treasures, knowledge, and encounter formidable enemies. Uncover hidden treasures, ancient knowledge, and face perilous encounters that will test your courage and wit.

War Thunder (4.5/5 ⭐️)
  • Tanks, Fighter jets, Warships
  • Realistic Maps
  • War Simulation
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Who developed the War Thunder PC game?

Gaijin Entertainment is the brain behind War Thunder, releasing the MMO military game in the fall of 2012. The game has endured an unwavering appeal more than a decade later, and the developer's commitment to upgrading the aesthetics and gameplay to modern audiences deserves a shout.

If we were to juxtapose the 2012 version of the game with the 2023 one, you'd notice just how small the game started out and how quickly it has developed into one of the most played action browser games globally.

Main highlights of War Thunder PC

Our War Thunder guide would be incomplete without highlighting some major perks in the game. Here is a summary of our best finds.

🏴󠁥󠁳󠁰󠁶󠁿 Play as a Nation

Pick a side and explore the full range of their armaments, whether it's Germany, Japan, the USA, Great Britain, or the Soviet Union.

🗾 Historically accurate models

Fans of history will be impressed by the attention to detail in all the vehicles and equipment in this game.

🗡️ Weapon variety

If there is one thing that isn't lacking in War Thunder, it's the number of planes and vehicles that you can use, and the tons of ways to apply and customise them.

🎮 Challenging gameplay

The War Thunder gameplay can get hyper-realistic, like in the simulator mode, showing just how difficult it was to pilot WW2 planes.

The War Thunder PC gameplay elements & Ratings

Our War Thunder review includes a thorough exploration of in-game elements that contribute to how we see the game. Here is what we found:

🏴󠁥󠁳󠁰󠁶🎲 Game design (9/10)

The game is designed like a world war movie, complete with air and land combat simulations that play out a grim yet enthralling epic. The plot is essentially for each of the five principal nations involved in WW2 to lock horns once more in fast-paced, cataclysmic battles. Once thrust into the game, it's as immersive as they come.

⚙️ Game mechanics (8/10)

In-game mechanics change with each mode players prefer to play in. For example, the physics of air battle in arcade mode is much more forgiving than in the realistic or simulator modes. Tank battles, on the other hand, seem relatively similar across the board. They appear generic and the feel across all levels is quite loose. However, the tanks themselves are properly developed, and require tact and skill to use to devastating effects, making for a well-rounded playing experience.

🚜 Production quality (9/10)

It's not often that you see browser games from 2012 still retaining a huge and active player base. However, the overall quality of War Thunder is astounding. Even better, its rousing scores, striking visuals, and vibrant landscapes do not affect the playability and speed of the game.

Where can I play War Thunder online?

One massive upside of being a browser game is that you aren't saddled with a War Thunder download process. Instead, playing is as simple as entering the website into a browser of your choice.

This also opens up the game to a variety of platforms, such as:

💻 PC/Laptop  Linux, Mac, and Windows
🎮 Console  PlayStation 4 & 5 and Xbox One and Series X

War Thunder review: is it worth it?

Here are some War Thunder tips for you: the game can be so amazing that it borders on the cutting edge, or it can be frustrating and make your head boil. This doesn't have anything to do with your playing style and is usually down to bugs and server timeouts.

However, this isn't a rampant occurrence, particularly with newer versions of the game. Instead, what we get nowadays is a polished experience with breathtaking views and intense yet scenic combat. When playing War Thunder, every kill feels like a real part of the story, and every moment in the cockpit convinces you of your flying abilities.

War Thunder (4.5/5 ⭐️)
  • Tanks, Fighter jets, Warships
  • Realistic Maps
  • War Simulation
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Conclusion: yay or nay?

One thing is certain, the current version of War Thunder is a far cry from the first game that was released in 2012. If you are just hearing about it for the first time or stopped playing for a while, we recommend checking out what the modern-day War Thunder game has in store for you.

The developers are committed to providing a steady flow of new content as the player base flourishes, giving you more ways to spend time on this beautiful game. So, while you wait for the next terabyte of CoD downloadable content, here is a game that promises the same level of invigorating combat with less work. The seamless blend of land-based, aerial, and naval combat also adds variety to the game. Besides, how else can you shoot down other countries' planes without incurring nuclear wrath?

Browser Games Guide: Fun guaranteed

War Thunder PC FAQ

📱Can I play War Thunder on mobile?

While browser games are predominantly intended to be played on a browser, it's not unusual for them to also exist in mobile apps. This is often the best way to optimise the strategy game for mobile users. To learn more about War Thunder mobile, see our review.

📶 Is War Thunder online or offline?

How a game is designed and intended to be used is often a giveaway as to whether it is for online or offline play. For example, while single player games may or may not have online functionality, multiplayer games are more likely to be available online. For more information on the availability of War Thunder as an online or offline game, read our guides.

🚁 How many vehicles are in War Thunder?

The number of vehicles in the game has grown since its release. Not only does this mean increased variety, but it also improves customization options and other perks. Read more on War Thunder vehicles in our review.

War Thunder (4.5/5 ⭐️)
  • Tanks, Fighter jets, Warships
  • Realistic Maps
  • War Simulation
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