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Best Browsergames / Play State of Survival online for free on PC & Mac: Review, Gameplay & Costs 2024

Play State of Survival online for free on PC & Mac: Review, Gameplay & Costs 2024

Publish Date: 31/07/2023

State of Survival Guide & Gameplay - Is it free to play?

Welcome to an engaging strategy game, set in a world infested with zombies, in our latest State of Survival review. As you play SoS online, your objective in this browser-based game will be to establish a thriving settlement by guiding survivors through the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse.

While confronting hordes of the undead in State of Survival PC and Mac, your main focus will be on constructing and expanding your base, forging innovative weaponry, managing resources effectively, and devising survival strategies.

Experience the gameplay offered by an apocalyptic world that provides thrills and challenges which will keep you entertained on your journey. Continue reading to delve into this one-of-a-kind survival adventure, exploring its mechanics as well as associated expenses discussed in this State of Survival review.

Pro and Con
  • Spectacular zombie world
  • Great graphical realization
  • Explorer trail with exciting challenges
  • Alliances with many possibilities
  • Partial pay-to-win in PvP hard to avoid
State of Survival (SoS)
⭐️ Rating 4.5/5 💵 Genre Strategy survival game / MMORPG
💳 Cost Free-to-play 🚀 Topic Shooter, Action, Zombie
🕹️ First founded 2019 Developer FunPlus International AG
🔒 Active players +60 million 📱 Devices WebApp/Browser, iOS, Android

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State of Survival Game Mechanics

State of Survival (4.5/5 ⭐️)
  • Crashing world doomsday championships
  • Multiplayer battles
  • Suspenseful history
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State of Survival gameplay is set in a world ruled by the undead, where players assume control over a small group of survivors. In this game, the primary objective is to construct and expand your base, while gathering resources, unearthing new technologies, and recruiting additional survivors. As time progresses, it becomes crucial for players to safeguard their stronghold against relentless zombie attacks and other adversaries.

Like most strategy games, meticulous resource management takes precedence. This is arguably the main mechanic of the game, as players will try to produce Food & Wood, Metal, Gas and Prosperity. Players will use these to build up their base infrastructure, while simultaneously protecting their inhabitants from hostile forces. Further into the game, opportunities will arise for exploration. This will enable the collection of more vital resources, which will facilitate the construction of new structures or upgrades to existing ones.

By employing diverse buildings with their own specific advantages, such as creating unique units or resources, effective progress can be achieved. For example, upgrading your Wall will provide extra defences for your settlement, while the Garage will allow you to train better Riders. Additionally, equipping an arsenal consisting of various weapons and items serves as a defence against the attacking waves of zombies.

To summarise, "State Of Survival" unfurls an exhilarating blend of gameplay, demanding both physical coordination coupled with mental agility. Players navigate complex arenas, balance meticulously optimised resource management against upgrading structures… all while devising a strategic approach to surviving within the harsh zombie-infested landscape.

Joining forces with other players can improve many aspects of the game, after all, it’s intended to be a social game. By joining an Alliance, you can access more resources, ask for help with building times and even join in on exclusive gameplay events, such as the Alliance Showdown. And these are just the first of many SoS tips.

Review of State of Survival

The distinctive aspect of State of Survival lies within its fusion of resource management and tower defence mechanics, along with a strong focus on strategic decision-making and resource allocation. With diverse objectives and challenges at hand, players must successfully accomplish these in order to advance further in the game.

Besides individual milestones, the gameplay has real-time battles between participants, as well as competitive Alliance wars alongside various PvE (Player versus Environment) challenges. For these reasons, many players consider SoS to be among the best browser games on the market.

To progress within State of Survival, players will encounter numerous objectives, such as resource scavenging expeditions, fortifying their defences against the risks posed by hordes of zombies, or even confronting them head-on in intense combat situations.

Overall, State of Survival achieves what it sets out to do very well. It has an engaging story and has balanced the different mechanics of gameplay very well against each other. Even as a free-to-play experience, it never feels sluggish or swamped by a grind.

State of Survival (4.5/5 ⭐️)
  • Crashing world doomsday championships
  • Multiplayer battles
  • Suspenseful history
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State of Survival Costs

When considering the expenses, it's worth noting that State of Survival is free to play. There are no initial fees or subscription charges required for accessing and enjoying the game. Nevertheless, as with most games nowadays, players can decide to purchase additional packs if they so wish.

These bundles range from resources, weapons, and various other items that can help advance them through the milestones of the gameplay, especially early on. The prices assigned to these items fluctuate between $0.99 and $99.99, depending on the type of resource and how much is available in the bundle. It should be noted that certain exclusive items are available only for a limited time period, such as with Beginner Packs.

In conclusion, State of Survival costs nothing. Thanks to its free-to-play model, it can be thoroughly enjoyed without spending anything at all. In-app purchases are only there if players want to hasten their in-game progress significantly.

Accessing the Game

A State of Survival download is not necessary as it is a browser-based game, totally free for PC and Mac users. The process of accessing it is uncomplicated and swift, with only a quick online search needed on either platform. However, it is essential to meet specific system requirements to ensure smooth gameplay on both operating systems.

For PC users, at least a Windows 7 or 8 operating system is necessary alongside an Intel Pentium 4 2.0GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, and a graphics card with at least 1 GB memory. On the other hand, Mac users should have OSX 10.13 as their minimum requirement accompanied by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor clocking in at least 2.3GHz, 4 GB RAM allocation for smooth functioning along with a dedicated graphics card boasting at least a capacity of one gigabyte.

💡Get started right away without delay: Once players have accessed the game through their browser, they can enjoy all fundamental aspects of it, including features like in-app purchases that can be made effortlessly through credit cards or via in-app transactions. Additionally, players also enjoy the advantage of cross-platform capability, granting them the freedom to join forces together with friends disregarding which OS they are running.

State of Survival (4.5/5 ⭐️)
  • Crashing world doomsday championships
  • Multiplayer battles
  • Suspenseful history
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A Comprehensive Guide to Outlast the Undead

In this State of Survival guide, you should know that one of the primary obstacles players face is surviving against hordes of undead. Overcoming this challenge requires a combination of strategic thinking and efficient resource management.

1️⃣ Step analysis

The initial step towards outlasting these nightmarish creatures involves comprehending their behaviour patterns and identifying their vulnerabilities. The undead can be classified into two distinct types: slow-paced shamblers and fast-moving runners. While evading or manoeuvring around shamblers may prove relatively effortless, dealing with runners necessitates more proactive tactics.

2️⃣ Battle strategy

Players should maintain a safe distance from them while using ranged weapons, such as bows or firearms to neutralize this agile foe.

3️⃣ Plan ahead

It’s important to plan ahead when upgrading your buildings, especially with increasing queue times. As a general rule, you’ll always need to upgrade your Wall, Garage, Lab, Barracks and Hospital.

4️⃣ Resource management

Effective resource management plays a pivotal role in surviving encounters with the undead menace too. Conserving resources becomes imperative, since every confrontation depletes valuable supplies at an alarming rate.

5️⃣ Upgrade weapons

Simultaneously, players must prioritize upgrading both resources and weaponry throughout their progress within the game; doing so greatly enhances their survival prospects when faced with overwhelming legions of zombies.

6️⃣ The right equipment

Concerning weaponry choices, focusing on ranged options coupled with explosive ordnance grants players an advantage over the different kinds of adversaries. Projectiles like arrows or bullets delivered accurately are highly effective against faster-moving targets, like runners.

7️⃣ Explosive devices

These are excellent for destroying large groups of approaching zombies en masse. However, you shouldn’t neglect improving melee weapons' quality either - seeing how important they are when going up against various threats in close-quarters combat scenarios.

If you followed these State of Survival tips, you would know how important it is to build up base infrastructure and strengthen the players’ forces. By enlisting additional survivors and erecting structures, players can create a sanctuary within their base, ensuring added safety from the undead horde. Survivors may also be trained to engage enemy forces, all while defending against the relentless onslaught of zombies.

Browser Games Guide: Fun is guaranteed

Our Conclusion for State of Survival

State of Survival presents gamers with an exhilarating escapade that caters to those seeking a demanding and engaging encounter in the realm of zombie survival. The game encompasses a multitude of exhilarating missions, objectives, and strategies devised to prolong one's existence amidst the undead.

Armed with an array of weapons, resources, and tactics at their disposal, players have the power to fashion a truly singular gaming venture tailored precisely to their preferences. Additionally, State of Survival allows for free access while offering an assortment of in-app purchases designed to augment gameplay.

Despite the occasional technical setbacks, this game serves as a captivating avenue for emerging triumphant over hordes of the living dead.

State of Survival FAQ

🧒 Is State of Survival appropriate for minors?

Think of SoS as an action movie rated PG-13. If parents are concerned, there are several clips of gameplay online to make an informed decision. However, there are plenty of other games that minors may find more interesting.

🤑 What payment methods can users connect to the game?

State of Survival accepts multiple payment methods for optional in-game purchases. Of course, having a wide range of payment methods doesn’t matter if they don’t offer your favourite one.

🎲 Is SoS a good option for rookie gamers?

While SoS welcomes all players, it is a challenging strategy game that might be a little advanced for beginning gamers. It might a good idea for interested players to do their homework before joining this community

State of Survival (4.5/5 ⭐️)
  • Crashing world doomsday championships
  • Multiplayer battles
  • Suspenseful history
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