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Best Browsergames / Play Rail Nation online for free on PC & Mac: Review, Gameplay & Costs 2024
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Play Rail Nation online for free on PC & Mac: Review, Gameplay & Costs 2024

Publish Date:02/08/2023

Rail Nation Guide & Gameplay - Is it free to play?

Rail Nation is a massively multiplayer online game that simulates the management of railroads through six dated eras to boost the economic worth of a player’s rail network. Play Rail Nation online on PC browsers or on Android and iOS devices. From the era of steam engines to modern trains, players can select over 150 realistic locomotives and 48 wagons to customize their trains for increased output efficiency.

Start by supplying goods to a small city and watch your rail corporation grow as the city grows until you’re able to supply a total of 48 goods to numerous cities. Cooperate with other players to form a powerful rail corporation. Eras last for two weeks as server time ticks, regardless of whether a player is active or not. Rail Nation is a free-to-play game that comes with in-app purchases.

Pro and Con
  • A good number of daily requests are available
  • Rise to the position of a railway tycoon
  • Beautifully animated graphics
  • Alliance with online players
  • Structures in the city can’t be rearranged
Rail Nation
⭐️ Rating 3.8/5 💵 Genre Simulation, Management
💳 Cost Free-to-play 🚀 Topic Heroes, Missions, Dungeons
🕹️ First founded June 2014 Developer Travian Games GmbH
🔒 App Yes 📱 Devices Browser, iOS, Android

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Rail Nation PC gameplay and experience

Rail Nation (3.8/5 ⭐️)
  • 170+ Authentic Trains
  • Realistic Maps
  • Train Simulation
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The goal of the game is to acquire prestige points by supplying goods using your train, completing competitions, or investing in industries. Valuable points and money are earned the more you efficiently plan your train routes and schedule, allowing you to buy in-game items like new engines or train add-ons. The game starts by asking players to choose the city they’ll operate from, and also their train station. The train station, as seen in this Rail Nation guide, is a hub that contains the engine shed of trains, laboratory, and lottery building, and also coordinates the railroad operations of players.

Once a city is selected, players used the trains and rail tracks to supply goods to all industries found in the city such as livestock, coal, lumber, rocks, and all manufactured or raw materials. As players supply and distribute goods to the city through the railroads, they receive income that could be used to supply more industries or upgrade the structures in their train stations. As each era passes by, newer trains, engines, and equipment that are fitting for each era are unlocked.

Era only lasts for two weeks on server time. That means, it keeps counting whether you actively play or not. You could come back after two months and find that you’re in the fourth era. Upgrading your trains increase their efficiency, leading to faster delivery times and higher incomes. When you play Rail Nation online, note that the game thrives on cooperation and alliances, as you’re likely to make progress faster by teaming up with other players to supply more industries in a city. To increase the number of industries and time taken for the supply of goods, construct rail tracks that connect these industries and schedule train engines across those tracks to supply goods.

Rail Nation costs, subscriptions, and in-app purchases

Gold is the currency used in Rail Nation PC game browser. To spend it, click on the top-right corner of the screen. Many treasures and upgrades can be bought with gold. For example, you can afford instant dispatching by eliminating the wait time for train engines, purchasing clothing and accessories for your character, quickly finishing the upgrade of your train station, repairing all trains on your command in one click, and many more things.

Aside from buying gold with real money, it can also be earned in the game by completing quests or engaging in competitions. Gold can also be transferred from your old account to a new account on the same server. Let’s take a look at the cost of all in-app purchases in this Rail Nation review.

In-app Purchases 💵 Cost
100 Gold Package $2.99
265 Gold Package $6.99
560 Gold Package $12.99
1200 Gold Package $27.99
3150 Gold Package $66.99
6700 Gold Package $132.99
10,800 Gold Package $199.99
15,500 Gold Package $266.99
Full-steam Box Basic $12.99
Full-steam Box Medium $27.99
Full-steam Box Premium $55.99
Full-steam Box Deluxe $94.99

So, is Rail Nation free to play? Yes, it’s free to play. In-app purchases are simply an option for players who want to eliminate wait times and acquire in-game items instantly.

Rail Nation (3.8/5 ⭐️)
  • 170+ Authentic Trains
  • Realistic Maps
  • Train Simulation
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Campaigns, seasonal events, and daily challenges

Progress is made in the game by supplying goods across industries to acquire more prestige points as you earn more and upgrade your rail company. Rail Nation gameplay offers exciting features for players who are into train simulations. Here are some key features of the game:

🚈 6 eras

Six different eras for enjoyable gaming from the time of steam engines to diesel engines, all the way to luxury electric engines.


Create powerful alliances with other players to build reputable train corporations to scale your service across industries.

⚔️ Gaming competitions

Three gaming competitions such as a supremacy fight between East vs West on the USA map, train delivery competition featuring 50 cities, and steam travel over Europe for prosperity.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 MMOG

Massively multiplayer online game.

Before you start the quests when you play Rail Nation online, you’ll first pass through a tutorial that’ll guide and familiarize you with the basics. Most times you either get gold or in-game money as rewards for completing these quests. Some of the quests involve upgrading the engine house, playing the lottery, joining an association, servicing an engine, buying new clothes, taking part in competitions, and a host of others.

Rail Nation (3.8/5 ⭐️)
  • 170+ Authentic Trains
  • Realistic Maps
  • Train Simulation
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Rail Nation - Manage your tracks and become a rail tycoon

Rail Nation allows players to build a train station in a city of their choosing and construct rail tracks that’ll help them supply goods to different industries, so they can experience career growth. Trains can be customized for efficient deliveries in the Rail Nation PC game browser. Two main components of the train that can be upgraded and customized are the locomotive and the carriage.

The locomotive houses the driving functions of the train such as the engine. Customizing the locomotive component increases the speed of delivery and skyrockets its effectiveness. The carriage stores the goods and cargo that’s to be supplied. Upgrading its capacity means more goods can be supplied and more money can be made.

One important thing to note before starting the game is that you should settle in the cities that are the most profitable. After you’ve completed the Rail Nation download, you should also supply the industries that yield more revenue, and use rail routes that are most optimized for the delivery of goods. Rail Nation is one of the most realistic strategy games that employ the concept of demand, supply, and goods production.

Tips & tricks for playing successfully

Here are some Rail Nation tips and tricks for going through the game quickly:

🏠 Expand engine house

Expand the engine house in your train station to open up your capacity for owning more trains.

🤝Team up!

Team up with other players to glean advantages and tips from them.

🗾 Get more space

Enlarge the space for your hotels, shopping centers, and restaurants to get more in-game bonuses.

🕒 Schedule routes

Schedule your training routes so you can cut down on needless runs.

Rail Nation (3.8/5 ⭐️)
  • 170+ Authentic Trains
  • Realistic Maps
  • Train Simulation
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Conclusion on Rail Nation

Build your rail company to be the most profitable by supplying goods to prospective industries and building tracks that make your delivery effective. As you’ve learned in this Rail Nation review, alliances can be created with other players to take advantage of their train houses and whatever working in-game knowledge they possess. Upgrade your train station and trains as you move from six historic eras, from the time of steam engines to the era of ultrafast luxurious trains. Rail Nation can be played on PC browsers or downloaded on Android and iOS devices.

Browser Games Guide: Check out these topics!

Rail Nation FAQ

🎮 How do you win Rail Nation?

Several tips and strategies make for winnings on Rail Nation. While some of them involve coordinating the delivery routes of your trains, others involve making sure that your engine house is capable of storing several trains. Learn more about how to win on Rail Nation at Strafe Esports.

🚅 Is Rail Nation a good game?

Rail Nation is one of the best browser games that allows you to coordinate the delivery and supply of goods to profitable industries by building rail tracks. It also provides the option of forging alliances with other players to make deliveries faster. Visit Strafe Esports to know if Rail Nation is a good game.

🚄 What is the best train in Rail Nation?

The trains in rail nation are varied and gotten from six different eras. Each new era you enter unlocks newer versions of trains, engines, and add-ons that make for faster delivery and efficiency. Trains can also be customized and upgraded to be the best. Check out Strafe Esports to know the best train in Rail Nation.

Rail Nation (3.8/5 ⭐️)
  • 170+ Authentic Trains
  • Realistic Maps
  • Train Simulation
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