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Best Browsergames / Play Mech Arena online for free on PC & Mac: Review, Gameplay & Costs 2024
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Play Mech Arena online for free on PC & Mac: Review, Gameplay & Costs 2024

Publish Date:31/07/2023

Mech Arena Guide & Gameplay - Is it free to play?

Mech Arena is a quickfire PvP mech shooting game that places you in battles against other mechs. You can play Mech Arena online on a PC browser or on Android and iOS devices.

Choose from dozens of mech skins and weapons to customize your mech into the fiercest robot humanoid the world has ever seen. Team up with other players in 2v2 or 5v5 matches in a global arena of modes, maps, and players. Stock up on your mech weapons to wield different abilities on the battleground that’ll stun your opponents and get them wiped out.

Pro and Con
  • Quickfire mech shooting game
  • Amazing 3D game view
  • Two game modes and competitive tournaments
  • Free to play
  • Undeveloped game storyline
Mech Arena
⭐️ Rating 4.3/5 💵 Genre MMO Spiele (Massively Multiplayer Online)
💳 Cost Free-to-play 🚀 Topic Arcade-Shooter
🕹️ First founded August 2021 Developer Plarium Global Ltd
🔒 Active players Several million 📱 Devices  iOS, Android

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Mech Arena PC gameplay and experience

Mech Arena(4.3/5 ⭐️)
  • Intuitive Usability
  • Futuristic Graphic Design
  • Expert Tips Available
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The goal of the game is to shoot down as many mechs that stand in your way as enemies across different PvP battle modes.

The game starts with you having to choose and customize your mech, arming it with different weapons that confer unique abilities and advantages in battle.

To start with, there are four classes of mecha robots to choose from, and each of these classes has over four mechs with distinct abilities and playing styles.

The four classes of mechs as you’ll see in this Mech Arena guide are scout, attacker, tank, and support.

Scout mechs specialize in gathering military intelligence from enemy camps and relaying the information to their alliance team. What they lack in firepower, they make up for in the art of slipping elusively through opponent defenses.

Attacker mechs wield the strongest weapons in the game as they possess the largest reservoirs of energy to handle them in battle. They do well at both attack and defense.

The solid build of tank mechs allows them to carry the heaviest weapons around. They have good energy reserves and are fully suited for defense.

Support mech heals all allies, removes hazardous traps on battlefields that could damage allied mechs, and bamboozles opponents for a short time so attackers can destroy them in an instant. Support mechs aren’t built for fighting, they just serve as strategic support aids in fights.

Arm your mech with 30+ weapons and over 500 special skins for Control Points or Deathmatches, either in 5v5 or 2v2 battle modes.

💡 Tip! Players can interact with themselves on the Mech Arena PC browser through an internal chat system to form alliances or engage in lethal tournaments and weekly events.

Mech Arena costs, subscriptions, and in-app purchases

The most popular in-game currency in Mech Arena is A-coins. The other currency is credits.

A-coins can be used to unlock weapons and Mech in the Progress Path. You can also buy credits with A-coins, tournament tickets, combat point boosters, and blueprints, as well as upgrade current weapons.

Buy A-coins from the shop or get them through the daily login program, from fortune vaults, or as rewards and achievements.

Credits can also be gotten and spent in similar ways to A-coins.

In this Mech Arena review, you’ll find a couple of in-app purchases that can be bought with real money. Let’s go over the costs of these.

 📱 In-app purchase 🤑 Cost
☝️ Special Offer $0.99
☝️ Special Offer $1.99
☝️ Special Offer $2.99
☝️ Special Offer $4.99
☝️ Special Offer $5.99
☝️ Special Offer $6.99
☝️ Special Offer $9.99
☝️ Special Offer $12.99
☝️ Special Offer $13.99
☝️ Special Offer $19.99

💡 So, is Mech Arena free to play? Yes, it’s free to play. The in-app purchases are optional for players who want to upgrade and level up their mechs to increase their battle strength in PvP modes.

Mech Arena(4.3/5 ⭐️)
  • Intuitive Usability
  • Futuristic Graphic Design
  • Expert Tips Available
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Campaigns, seasonal events, and daily challenges

Progress is made in the game by killing off as many opponent mechs as possible in any battle mode you find yourself in.

The Mech Arena gameplay has some cool features that aim to keep players glued to their browsers and devices.

🗺️ Over 25 unique maps

Every map is a battle arena that’s suitable for different mech abilities and tactics.

You can either choose to fight with long-range weapons under the neon lights at Forbidden City, engage in close shootouts at the Elon Station Gray or the Beatdown Club, or battle on any other map that catches your interest.

🎯 Quality game modes

Play Mech Arena online in Deathmatch 2v2 or 5v5 mode where you join a team to utterly destroy other teams of mechs, or play in Control Point mode where each team struggles to gain points and capture the flag.

🛡️ Equip mech with abilities

Replenish your arsenal with cool battle abilities like proximity mines, targeting jammers, energy shields, jump jets, or more lethal powers like the ability to shoot at ramming speeds.

👨‍✈️ Recruit pilots for mechs

Hire expert pilots to control your mechs when using Mech Arena PC browsers to increase damage from firepower, shorten the reload time, and recharge the mech abilities with advanced implants.

Mech Arena - Rapid fire robot shooting game

Mech Arena is one of the fast-paced, action browser games that give players the chance to shoot with and exterminate robot machines in a series of crossfire battles.

The four classes of mechs enrich the gameplay as players have to study and know when best to use each mech in all fight scenarios.

The game drives home this point by allowing you to customize extra four mechs aside from your main mech so that before you get respawned, you can choose from among the four extra mechs the one whose battle abilities best match the enemy you’re facing.

When you play Mech Arena online on your PC or smartphone devices, the game allows you to choose the camera angle you want - either as a first-person or third-person shooter.

The game graphics are a beautiful blend of explosions and robotic artistry, satisfying the deep fetishes of gamers who’ve always yearned for shooting robot games.

Mech Arena(4.3/5 ⭐️)
  • Intuitive Usability
  • Futuristic Graphic Design
  • Expert Tips Available
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Community, guilds, and friends

Mech Arena has an official forum for players who want to meet up and connect to share the progress and challenges experienced throughout the game.

Players who have completed the Mech Arena download on their PC and smartphones will benefit from the forum made for fans and players alike.

There are also social media channels that gaming enthusiasts of Mech Arena can follow to keep up with the latest happenings and updates on the game.

Tips & tricks for playing successfully

Let’s go over some Mech Arena tips and tricks that enable players to upset each other in PvP battles:

1️⃣ Tip

Attack enemies from behind to gun for their blindspot. Shooting from behind helps you deal more damage to enemies and keeps you from getting shot at in return.

2️⃣ Tip

In Control Points battle mode where each team has to capture the flag to win, consider killing off the opposing team instead of just struggling to get the flag. That way, there’ll be no opponent to get the flag in the first place.

3️⃣ Tip

Use the right mech for every battle situation.

4️⃣ Tip

Keep moving at all times to escape being shot at, as a moving target is always hard to hit.

Browser Games Guide: Fun is guaranteed

Mech Arena FAQs

💻 Will Mech Arena be on PC?

Mech Arena is found on web browsers and can be downloaded on several standalone client devices for smooth gameplay. It’s not only smartphone devices that Mech Arena is found in. To know if Mech Arena will be on PC, visit Strafe Esports.

🎮 How to play Mech Arena on PC?

Mech Arena is one of the best browser games that can be played on PC, Android, and iOS devices. It can also be downloaded on a PC for convenient gaming. Find out if Mech Arena can be played on PC at Strafe Esports.

👽 What is the fastest mech in Mech Arena?

Mechs moved with great speed and agility which makes for their elusive attack and defense approach. Many equipment and weapons are present to make mechs experience fast speed and response times. Check out Strafe Esports to learn about which mech is the fastest in Mech Arena.

Conclusion on Mech Arena

Enter the technological world of all-out mech shootings in this exciting browser game called Mech Arena. Mechs can be customized with unique weapons and skins to give them the abilities and range they need in quick-fire combat battles. Team up with other players or fight in PvP battle modes with the vast multiplayer community in Deathmatch and Control Points battle modes for 2v2 or 5v5 matches. Select four extra mechs that you’ll choose from before getting respawned after in-game death.

You’ll have to internalize the battle strengths and tactics of each mech to use them in various maps and environments as you’ve learned in this Mech Arena review. Mech Arena is a free-to-play game that can be downloaded on PC, Android, and iOS devices.

Mech Arena(4.3/5 ⭐️)
  • Intuitive Usability
  • Futuristic Graphic Design
  • Expert Tips Available
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